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Periodontal Disease affects Cardiovascular Disease

    Cardiovascular diseases affect the heart and blood vessels and it is the prime cause of death and disability in USA. More than 50 million Americans experience problems and diseases related to heart and by the time the heart diseases get diagnosed the underlying cause reaches to an advanced level. Thus, prevention is the key and modifying the lifestyle is important for leading a disease free life. To prevent heart diseases one must indulge in different activities to stay healthy, adopt a balanced diet formula and stay away from the consumption of tobacco.

    Recent studies have explained that there is a mere connection between periodontitis and development of heart diseases. As per one theory the bacteria and inflammatory proteins that reside in the periodontal tissue enter the blood stream and cause different effects on the cardiovascular system. A recent study examined the bacteria presence which was responsible for periodontitis and thickening of the blood vessel wall which is quite common in a heart disease.

    Investigators examined and analyzed the samples from more than 650 subjects and came to a conclusion that the thickening of blood vessel was linked to the presence of the same bacteria that was discovered in dental plaque and causes periodontitis.

    Things to consider:

    Most of the health aspects must be considered when assessing the periodontal status and development of comprehensive treatment plans. A reputed dental care centre like West Mobile Dental Care will always consider these aspects seriously. Those who are prone to developing cardiovascular diseases or are already suffering from any type of heart problems including other medical conditions like diabetes which can affect the heart adversely may show concurrent risk factors for periodontal diseases. Therefore, a dentist will work closely with such patients and understand their health condition. A good dentist will also communicate with your physician about your well being, level of treatment for the condition and proper care that needs to be given.

    How can a dentist help?

    For oral care and good overall health a good dentist will focus on reducing the formation of bacteria in gums and eliminating the biofilm below and above the gumline. The dentist at West Mobile Dental Care helps to accomplish this with traditional scaling and root planning. The dentist also gives oral hygiene instructions and focuses on exemplary home care which is an essential part of the treatment plan for all the patients especially those who are suffering from any kind of cardiovascular diseases. The treatment offered by the dentist should also focus on prevention of oral inflammation and periodontal disease to tackle all kinds of oral complications which are linked with the heart disease.

    It is also clear that bacterial challenge is a big risk even for healthy patients who suffer from gingivitis. A reputed dental care center like West Mobile Dental Care will always encourage the patients to floss and brush regularly twice a day. The dentist will also focus on the use of antibacterial toothpaste and other oral products to give supreme protection to your teeth.

    So, choose your dentist wisely near your area and go for routine checkups to get rid of several dental problems like plaque or tartar build up, halitosis, etc. The dentist will also advise on maintaining a good oral hygiene and notify you in advance in case of any severe dental issues.