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Phone Counseling – How To Find Proper Care

    Online therapy is widely known to the public. One type of online therapy such as phone counseling is now everywhere. when we search for keyword “phone counseling” on the internet, there will be many websites that offer their therapist services.

    Phone counseling is getting popular with the community because of the many advantages offered. Phone counseling is cheaper, efficient and more flexible. By doing a phone counseling with a therapist that we trust, we don’t need to be afraid of getting bad stigma from people around us. Because in fact, many people will think negatively if they know we are doing a theraphy.

    Although it has a lot of advantages, choosing an online therapist can be a little tricky. Since we can’t meet the theraphist directly, we need to be selective and a little careful in knowing who we are doing phone counseling with. Some tips below are how to find proper care for phone counseling:

    1. Read the review on the web

    Online counseling services usually have their own website. We as a future client must evaluate the website carefully. We need to see whether the website has a promising display or not.

    In a website, usually there is always a review section. We need to read carefully about the reviews of others. Other people’s reviews are very important. Reviews from others describe their experienced about the services. If most reviews tend to be negative, immediately look for another phone counseling website.

    2. Ask for a friend’s reference

    Although reviews on the internet are good, reviews from friends are also necessary. If we have friends who have done phone counseling, we can ask them about their experiences doing phone counseling. We can also ask for references from our friends about therapists that we can use the services.

    3. Investigate the therapist’s background

    A good therapist is someone who has the appropriate skills and background. We can investigate the background of the therapist by asking directly to them. You can pay attention to the following criteria:

    a. Skill

    A good therapist must have good listening skills. With good listening skills, counselors can help inferring the problems we experience.

    b. Knowledge

    Besides having good listening skills, the therapist must also have good knowledge. Professional therapists understand very well what advice should be given in accordance with the problems we face.

    c. Training place

    Where therapists gain knowledge, schools, universities, or institutions also affect the performance of a therapist. If your therapist has graduated from a place with high reputation, then it is clear that the therapist can be trusted.

    d. Certificate

    A professional therapist obviously has an official license to become a therapist. This certificate usually comes from a training location or government agency.

    e. Character

    A good therapist has a strict, friendly and honest character. If we find a tempered therapist, or theraphist that dressed too childishly, we will definitely doubt the credibility, right?

    f. The way they build relationships

    This is the most important thing. Make sure the therapist we choose can make a good relationship with us. A good relationship creates trust. With the existence of trust, the phone counseling that we do will be more smooth and produce good results.