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Phone Therapy – What you need to know

    Today, the needs of people in maintaining their mental health are increasingly high. This is caused by the many requests from the outside world that make many individuals feel depressed and do not have time to complain. People who tend to be very busy at work are good because they are productive, but on the other hand, they do not have a balanced life. Many people are too busy chasing after material and forget to make time to calm their own minds and souls.

    What is a phone therapy?

    At the beginning of the 20th century, as technology went on, phone therapy began to be known by the public. Phone therapy is a health service that focuses on maintaining emotional stability through the telephone. Phone therapy has many nicknames, such as distance counseling, internet therapy, and teleterapy.

    Unlike old-style therapy that requires a person to meet directly with health experts, phone therapy makes it easy for people who are busy to consult their health problems without having to meet the theraphist face to face.

    Why choose the phone therapy?

    Phone therapy is easy for anyone to reach. Phone teraphy does not require us to leave the house. We only need the telephone network or the internet. Phone therapy has several types, it can be through regular telephone, or video calls such as using whatsapp applications, skype, and other video applications. This make us easier to consult with the therapist. In addition, we can also ask our therapist to always check our condition and give encouragement through text submissions in the morning, or email once a week.

    Does the phone therapy work?

    The results of research conducted on phone teraphy users also prove that phone teraphy has been effective and has many positive impacts on its users. This can be obtained from a comparative study conducted by a university in America. People who do therapy in the traditional way and through the phone therapy are examined simultaneously. The results of direct therapy and phone therapy are equally good. Both types of therapy have a significant impact.

    Although both have good results, in fact there are still few people who do not know phone teraphy. People feel that the phone therapy feels less effective because they tend to trust direct consultation more. Studies show less than 10% of people use phone teraphy. The rest prefers direct counseling.

    What are the benefits of phone teraphy?

    a) Easy access

    Busy people certainly don’t have time to visit therapists in their city. Even if they have time, they would prefer to use their time to rest. Phone therapy does not require someone to go out to consult. For people with disabilities, phone therapy also greatly facilitates their access to direct counseling.

    b) Schedule that is more flexible

    Phone therapy makes people more able to manage their own schedule. If traditional counseling is open following the hospital or clinic hours, phone therapy can cover up to 24 hours depending on our appointment with the therapist.

    c) Cheaper

    By only using the telephone, this therapy tends to be cheaper. We do not need to pay the costs to go out, dress up, buy food outside. Therapists also do not need to pay for clinic rent, clinic treatment, etc. Therefore, phone therapy is clearly cheaper and more efficient for both parties.