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Physical and Mental Health Tips for Mommy at Home

    Being a new mom can be tough, there is no doubt in that. I can tell this from my own personal experience that giving birth to a child and devoting your whole life for the happiness and safety of your child is very tough but as mothers this is what we all do.

    In this journey, we all forget to take care of ourselves and end up getting very frustrated at times. We mothers always put our needs to the last when it comes to our children.

    Let’s talk about the physical and mental health of mommies at home. We all know this that during pregnancy it is normal to gain extra few pounds other than the baby bump and after giving birth these extra pounds are called the baby fat.

    It is quite hard to get rid of the baby fat if you don’t try to lose it within the first few months after giving birth. Also, giving birth is a very hectic and painful process which is why you will stay tired for a few weeks.

    It is important to know that the mental health of new mommies is way more affected than their physical health after giving birth. Here’s to plenty of sleepless nights, feeding at weird hours and constant crying of the baby. With all this, mothers don’t get enough time for themselves.

    If you are also a new mother and are devoted in taking care of your child but still want to look after your physical and mental health, then keep on reading as we have pinpointed some tips for mothers to take care of themselves at home.

    Ask Someone for Help

    As we already know that mothers don’t get time for themselves, they end up getting annoyed and frustrated. It is important for mothers to look after themselves. If you also stopped going out after giving birth to a child, then you are doing wrong to yourself.

    We get it that you want to spend time with your child and care about the child’s safety, but you also need to take care of your mental health.

    Therefore, you need to ask someone that you trust to babysit your child for a few hours so that you can go out for shopping or a dinner date with your husband. You also need to spend time with your friends.

    Do Yoga and Workout

    Yoga really helps in calming down the nerves therefore, you can always meditate for a few minutes in the morning when your baby is asleep. This will help you in staying in a good mood and starting your day with positive energy.

    You can also exercise a bit after doing yoga as it will help you in losing the extra pounds that you gained after pregnancy.

    Take a Walk and Feel the Fresh Breeze

    Fresh air and greenery can really help you in feeling happy as it allows your stress hormones to be released. Therefore, you can always go for a walk in some nearby park or in your backyard.

    You will also be able to think about some things and breathing in the fresh air can help you for improving your physical health. As we all know that walking can help you in burning calories therefore, it is a win-win situation for a mother at home.

    Sip on Some Green Tea

    Another way for you to lose the baby fat is by drinking green tea. Green tea not only increases your metabolism and improves your immune system, but it also helps in burning calories. Therefore, you need to start drinking it every day.

    Try Managing Your Work

    We all know that it gets hectic to manage all your home tasks while taking care of the baby. So, what can you do to avoid having a bad schedule? You need to manage it all by doing every task at the right time and in the right way.

    If you have to wash the dishes or cook some food, then you can place a baby rocker in the kitchen and continue doing your work. In this way, you will be able to keep the baby in your sight and still get all your tasks done.

    You really need to checkout this review to find a  colourful bouncy seat with toys as it will help the child in being comfortable while you are doing some home tasks.

    If you are extremely stressed with all the work load and mental stress, then you can also consult a therapist as your mental health always needs to come first.