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Plant genetic plays a dominant role in determining the effects of cannabis

    All cannabis or weed or marijuana is not the same, and how the product is going to affect a person depends on the plant genetic. Although it is not binding on licensed producers to disclose the genetic origin of the plant, buyers knowing about it would better understand what to expect from the product in terms of the satisfaction they want to derive from it. This is true if you buy cannabis from some online company like or any other source and use it for recreational or medicinal purposes.  In addition to the genetic lineage of cannabis products, the content of THC and CBD in the product plays a decisive role in the kind of effects it can generate. Higher is the THC content more is the recreational effects of the weed, and higher CBD content offers better medicinal properties of the weed.

    Knowing the genetic of the plant will help in identifying the proper product that meets your requirements.  The cannabis plant is available in three varieties – cannabis Indica, cannabis Sativa, and cannabis Hybrid. The products have different medicinal properties and act in different ways on the body, which is why you must know about it to match it with your needs.

    Cannabis Indica

    The cannabis Indica plants have broad leaves and shorter in height than the other types, and the buds are denser too.  These strains are more relaxing, and it associates with many more bodily sensations. Since the relaxing and calming effect eases the mental state and induces sleep, typically, this strain is suitable for use at night-time, especially for those suffering from sleep disorder and insomnia. Even if the drug does not make you fall asleep, it will create a tranquil state of mind that soothes the nerves and makes you feel wonderfully comfortable. You will feel refreshed the next morning and ready to face the new day with new energy.

    Cannabis Sativa

    Cannabis Sativa plants are taller and have long and thin leaves. The buds of the Sativa plant are less dense and look feathery. This type of cannabis produces a cerebral effect by altering the mind like the THC content in the plant. It interacts with the brain receptors, which gives the high and makes this variety the chosen one for those who want to enjoy a euphoric experience by uplifting the mind that travels into a fantasy world by making people hallucinate. This is the typical marijuana that is rich in recreational value and ideal for daytime use.


    Hybrids are cannabis products obtained by cross-breeding cannabis Indica and cannabis Sativa that has happened through generations. Most cannabis plants today belong to this category, and it is tough to find pure cannabis Indica or Cannabis Sativa today. The hybrids may be either Indica dominant or Sativa dominant, and some type may have a relatively even distribution of the Indica and Sativa. These strains are popular because it gives the best of both worlds for those who want to enjoy the recreational as well as medicinal benefits of cannabis.

    What kind of effect you get from cannabis depends a lot on the plant genetic.