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Plexaderm Skincare Review

    Plexaderm Skincare cream review

    Plexaderm Skincare cream review

    The stress of modern life really does show clearly on all our faces. We get up early in the morning, and spend our day running around doing all sorts of stressful things, getting yelled at, and meeting deadlines.

    It is no wonder, then, that we should get bags under our eyes, a face full of wrinkles, and a noticeable reduction in overall skin quality.

    Luckily, there are fantastic anti-aging products on the market, and today we will be reviewing just such a product, Plexaderm Skincare.

    What is Plexaderm Skincare?

    Simply put, Plexaderm Skincare is a serum which is supposed to be applied to the skin in order to reduce the number and prominence of wrinkles.

    There are many anti-aging creams out there that promise to eliminate your wrinkles entirely over a long period of time. Plexaderm Skincare has an entirely different concept.

    Plexaderm does not aim, nor does it promise to eliminate your wrinkles for good. Instead, it offers instantaneous and immediately noticeable improvements to your skin.

    These effects wear off after a couple of hours, but during the effective time of this serum, your wrinkles get filled in, and become almost unnoticeable.

    That makes it perfect as a sort of wrinkle band-aid. Not a permanent solution, but a quick and easy way of revitalising your face during a busy day.

    That is to say, Plexaderm is perfect for people who are always on the go and have to look their best, such as businesspeople, lawyers, salespeople etc.

    How does it work?

    Plexaderm Skincare cream review

    It is all well and good to say that Plexaderm Skincare instantly reduces wrinkles, but as informed consumers, we have to know how it works and why. Let us take a brief look into how Plexaderm achieves its results.

    The manufacturer claims that Plexaderm contains skin-tightening crystals and moisturising agents. Let us break that down.

    In order to fill in the wrinkles quickly, Plexaderm tightens the skin around the wrinkle in order to close it up. This is the job of the mysteriously named crystals. Their effect, however, is very simple.

    These crystals pass through the semipermeable membrane that surrounds the skin cells, and cause the cells to expand or contract, depending on their position and the type of cell.

    Once this is done, the moisturising agents work to mitigate the effect the crystals had on the cells, in terms of relative molecular concentrations inside and outside the cell walls.

    Effectively, the moisture added to the cells in this step helps keep them in place for longer.

    Plexaderm Skincare also contains what the manufacturer terms ‘additional light-diffusing ingredients’.

    That means that Plexaderm, being a quick and easy anti-wrinkle solution, also tries to cover up any small wrinkles that may remain.

    Wrinkles are visible because the part of the skin where the wrinkle sits is shaded, as light cannot get to the bottom of a wrinkle.

    Plexaderm uses the fact that the serum is going to be absorbed into the skin anyway to introduce an extra masking effect to the product.

    While the active ingredients are being absorbed by the skin, they take these reflective materials along with them as well, and these materials fill in the wrinkles and make the light hitting the wrinkle refract in a different way, thus masking the presence of the wrinkle.

    Thus, it could be said that Plexaderm Skincare offers a two in one service. First it reduces the size of the wrinkle by firming up the skin, and then it conceals what remains of the wrinkle like something your basic foundation would do.

    The difference is that Plexaderm can get inside wrinkles, whereas foundation can not.

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    Are there any downsides to Plexaderm?

    Reading this review thus far, you may have gotten the impression that Plexaderm Skincare is a flawless product that will transform your everyday life.

    Plexaderm Skincare cream review

    While that is probably true, this effect comes at a price. Plexaderm is a relatively pricey skin serum, especially considering the fact that it does not provide long-term benefits to the user.

    Plexaderm has to be applied every day in order to produce effects, which only adds to the price tag over months of use.

    It seems as though the manufacturer was targeting a specific niche of relatively well-to-do people who are very busy every day, and need to look their best.

    Thus, if you fall into this category, it is very likely that you will find Plexaderm to be a fantastic solution. However, if you are an average Joe or Jane, this is likely not the product for you.


    Though Plexaderm uses a novel approach to deliver immediate relief from wrinkles, it is not a product for everyone.

    If you are quite a busy person who is always on the go, and can afford to spend a bit extra on your skincare products, then Plexaderm Skincare may be the solution you are looking for.

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