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Porcelain Crowns: All the Pros and Cons

    When it comes to crowns porcelain is probably the best available pick to improve the health and appearance of your teeth. Unlike other materials utilized in dental crowns production, porcelain closely resembles natural teeth and possesses all qualities needed to restore or even replace them completely. Installation of porcelain crowns also provides patients with great esthetic results since this material has a translucent look almost completely identical to the natural teeth. 


    Explaining Dental Crowns 


    Simply put, a dental crown is a “cap” that is placed over one’s tooth (or teeth) to serve protective, aesthetic, and restoring purposes. One can have a crown placed over a broken tooth to return its natural look and protect it from further damage. Porcelain crowns can be utilized to return an original appearance to one’s teeth and make them look healthier and more natural. Cosmetic modifications that use such crowns for aesthetic purposes are the most frequently seen, although the treating capabilities of porcelain are widely known as well. There is no better solution for covering implants or holding dental bridges together than applying these crowns. 


    Reasons to Choose Porcelain Crowns


    Most notable characteristics of porcelain crowns can be summarized into the following list:


    • They resemble the natural look of your teeth;


    • Porcelain does not cause allergic reactions and is completely safe for everyone;


    • Such crowns are designed to perform all functions of your teeth while providing a transparent look and aesthetical appearance;


    • Restorative qualities of porcelain are outstanding. 


    Mind that installing porcelain crowns commonly requires at least 2 visits to a doctor. During the first one, a dentist will perform a typical examination, take an impression of the patient’s teeth, and install temporary crowns. The latter will be removed during the second visit, followed by the installation of permanent crowns.  


    Drawbacks of Porcelain Crowns 


    Porcelain crowns do involve certain limitations. Installation of such crowns requires a deep understanding of the subject and perfect equipment. To have your porcelain crowns placed properly, it’s highly advised to find an expert doctor and strictly follow their instructions. Consider visiting Dental Village Medicine if you are searching for a service to fulfill all your needs.