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Post partum Weight Loss – quickly melt your post partum weight

    It is a dream of every woman to lose excessive weight gained during the period of pregnancy. Soon after the baby is born, women try different diet plans and workouts to get rid of excessive fats. It is normal for all the females to gain some weight during pregnancy, the normal weight gain in pregnant females range from 25-35 pounds. The excessive pounds of pregnant females come from additional fat storage and growing fetus. Luckily, right after delivery, you can get back into shape quickly. Here are some of the ways to quickly melt your post partum weight.

    • Set your weight loss goals:

    Right after delivery, the main interest of most of the females is to get back in shape. The key to remove extra weight is to keep moderate and lose one and half pound per week. There are a lot of factors which are proven effective for weight loss. Your diet is a key, set a proper diet plan, remember, since you are lactating, you can’t starve. The nutrients are still needed and you need plenty of proteins in diet. At this phase, low carb diet can be really helpful. You need to set a goal regarding weight loss. Under normal circumstances, females need ten months to two years to get back in shape.

    • Breastfeeding mothers and weight loss program:

    Breastfeeding itself is a natural way to get rid of some excessive pounds. Under normal circumstances, almost 500 calories per day are burnt when females are breast feeding. The amount of calories burnt this way is equal to the calories burnt at treadmill. Once you are done with breastfeeding, the body tends to work less and hence lesser calories are burnt. This is the time where you need to cut down your nutrients.

    • Diet after delivery:

    Delivery is an important process and a lot of nutrients are lost during it. You need to replace the lost nutrients. It is important to eat portioned diet at this time. A diet which is rich in fiber, protein and low in carb is considered best at this period.

    • Crash dieting:

    For females who have just got free from pregnancy, crash diet is not risky. The body needs plenty of nutrients at this time since you are supposed to breastfeed and produce sufficient milk. An improper diet at this period can lower the production of milk. The baby gets all the nutrients from mother’s milk at the early months and hence if you are burning fats at high speed (more than recommended) it can end up in the production of toxins in the body which get mixed with milk. On the other hand, even if you are not breast feeding, sometimes strict diet plans can make you starve resulting in decreased metabolism and hence it makes weight loss more difficult.

    • Exercise and cardio:

    Staying active is a key, you need to keep your body active and alert. Exercise is always good for your body and overall health. During pregnancy, you gain stubborn fat at the love handles which are tough to burn and make your look odd. Find out some ways to exercise and stay healthy. Take adequate sleep, plenty of water and cardio for 20-30 minutes per day. Jogging and yoga are best; you can even opt for swimming and walking. Brisk walk is also helpful, hence find out a nearby park and walk with your new born to speed up the reduction of weight. Just like fertility calendar you can keep a record of your daily exercise minutes and weight for better results. If you are worried about the shape of your vagina, there are tons of exercises and natural ways to rejuvenate it. Check out for complete guidance.

    • Green tea:

    If you are relying on natural slimming supplements, green tea is best and is health friendly as well since it is rich in antioxidants, when taken regularly green tea can increase the metabolic rate inside the body and speed up the breakdown of fats. Since it is a natural treasure of antioxidants, it is important for skin and hair health. Chamomile green tea, lemon grass and jasmine green tea are considered ideal and they are proven effective in weight loss programs.

    • Healthy Breakfast:

    Healthy and protein rich breakfast is a key. You need to take high protein breakfast as it will provide you with energy and nutrients; also it will prevent the food cravings. You can take eggs, fish or bacon at morning to fuel your body with energy and essential nutrients.

    • Say no to fizzy and carbonated drinks:

    The biggest thing which inhibits the weight loss is carbonated and fizzy drinks since they contain high sugar content. If you are looking for weight loss programs, remember, cutting of such drinks from everyday routine can play a significant role in reducing body weight efficiently.

    • Take dinner two hours before going to bed:

    It is seen that people take heavy dinners just before going to bed which result in indigestion, constipation, heart burn and bloating. It is therefore essential to take dinner two hours before going to bed followed by a little walk. Do not eat any dessert at night or else you will end up accumulating some more fats in the body.

    • Skipping meals is not recommended:

    Right after delivery or during the period of breast feeding, you need to keep your body fueled with nutrients. You cannot skip meals as it can make you starve and decrease the production of milk.

    • Avoid dairy and oily food:

    Dairy food such as full cream milk, ice cream, butter and ice cream can provide some extra calories to the body and can be a big hurdle in your weight loss program. It is therefore advised to lessen the intake of dairy and oily food.

    • Best food to take for efficient weight loss:

    There are some foods which contain plenty of nutrients and can be taken to keep the body nourished and healthy. The food which you need to take more after the period of pregnancy and during lactation is given below. Make it sure, you are taking this food frequently.

    • Chopped vegetables such as carrots, capsicum, beans and fresh vegetables

    • Low fat dairy products and skimmed milk

    • Low calorie snacks

    • Green tea

    • Frozen fruits and vegetables

    • Yoghurt

    • Fish

    • Canned beans and corn

    • Dry fruits such as almonds.