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Power Airfryer XL Reviews

    A method to make tasty, fried food without using enormous amounts of oil? Power Air Fryer claims that their product are able to do this. According to them, they use rapid air technology which can fry food with almost no oil.

    But how much truth is behind this claim? Is it really possible to make delicious and yet healthy fried chicken or fish sticks without using oil?

    We took a close look at the Power Air Fryer XL and the company behind the ‚magical‘ product. We found some surprising facts about the food processor. Read on to discover more…

    Why You Should Minimize Fried Food Consumption

    Of course fried food can be counted to the best dishes on the planet, but why is that so? Well, mostly because of the following three things:

    • crust
    • color
    • fat

    I am sure you are aware that eating isn‘t just about taste, but also about the texture, color and scent of the food. Fried food fulfills all of these criterias and in addition to that, it is full of fat.

    Fat is naturally one of the most compelling nutrients, because our ancient ancestors were always fighting for survival. Fat was a valuable nutrient, but today it only causes various diseases.

    The Power Air Fryer XL Frying Technology

    Now here comes the part where our best Air Fryers reviews steps in. The food processor is able to fry the food without oil, instead they use superheated air to create a crispy, tasty and yet healthy meal.

    A lot of people made amazing experiences with the food processor and left positive Power Air Fryer XL reviews.

    It‘s easy to use interface, in combination with it‘s great frying ability and a fair price, makes the food processor to one of the most promising kitchen electronics that we reviewed.

    However, nobody is perfect. As good as the Power Air Fryer XL is, it has a few weak spots. First of all, a good portion of customers complained about the long shipping times and the frustrating customer services.

    Anyway, let‘s come to interesting part and check out how the food fryer completes in our test:

    How Good Is The Power Air Fryer XL – The Test

    First we tried it with french fries. We followed the instructions of the recipe book, which is included to the product.

    We were surprised how easy it is to use the food fryer and how delicious the french fries looked. It took only a few minutes and the fries were ready to eat. The oil was collected at the bottom of the basket and not in our food.

    The taste test was also positive. The french fries tasted great! It almost tastes as good as if you used a red copper pan to prepare the meal. Everyone who uses red copper pan as kitchenware will know the difference.

    Final Conlusion about the Power Air Fryer XL

    All in all we were pretty impressed how easy and uncomplicated everything was. The food tasted great, the cleaning of the kitchen gear was easy and we had a healthy meal.

    In the end you have to decide for yourself, if you are ready to spend around $100 on the Power Air Fryer XL. A price that is fair, if you consider the benefits, but not always payable for every person.