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Power Up Your Fitness With Powerblock Adjustable Dumbbell

    Not a fan of gyms? Are you someone who likes working out at the convenience of your home? Then a set of adjustable dumbbells is for you. These “magic” perfect all in one free weight solutions offer targeted and easy weight adjustability working on every muscle of your body. Free weights are beneficial to exercise equipment offering unlimited exercise opportunities that suit all. 

    Benefits of Dumbells

    Dumbbells are one of the few exercise equipment that allows you to perform exercises unilaterally. By this we mean, working out with dumbells restrict the chances of muscle imbalances. This makes it the single most effective and convenient choice of equipment that works across all your muscles. Dumbbells are often used for joint-isolation exercises like shoulder raises, chest flyes, and bicep curls. However, using these for a full body work out can provide a variety of strength results.  Here are 5 known benefits of dumbbells:

    • Dumbells provide two kinds of overload that lead to muscle growth- Metabolic and Mechanic.
    • Dumbell exercises create inter and intra muscular synchronization. 
    • They benefit the contractile element and elastic factor of muscle tissue
    • They can be used for multiple exercises with multiple strength benefits
    • They allow the user to focus on any one part of the body at a time. This is one way to initiate strength gain.

    Why invest in adjustable dumbells? 

    One of the greatest advantages of adjustable dumbbells in comparison to a traditional one is that you can perform multiple exercises out of one equipment. If you are confused between conventional and adjustable dumbbells, consider the following points before buying one:


    • A plethora of exercise options


    A pair of adjustable dumbbells can offer you a variety of exercise options that perhaps 4 different machines would have offered you. So think like this, you could easily swap from a bicep curl to tricep kickbacks just by changing your position.  In fact, the article “Powerblock Adjustable Dumbbell Reviews” from Fitness Rocks explains ways to make exercising from home an easier task.  Being fit, hale and healthy helps in the long run. 


    • Save on costs


    We cannot highlight this enough. A pair of adjustable dumbbells offers you a range of exercise options without having to spend on other machines that could cost you beyond the roof! 


    • Adjustability


    By using a quick change pin, you can instantly change from one weight configuration to next. This makes it convenient without having to have a room full of dumbbells to exercise with different weights.


    • Storage


    Unlike a traditional set of dumbbells, a pair of adjustable dumbbells sit on a stand that can be tucked away easily. You don’t need to invest in a rack to store these!


    • Muscular development


    A pair of adjustable dumbbells are probably the only thing you need to build your muscles and with its ability to use freely, you can mix it with exercise patterns like bench presses with dumbbells. Use dumbbells to increase muscular development with alternative reps.

    Buy the best pair of dumbbells to keep your self-fit by doing the right type of exercise, but make sure to buy a quality pair of dumbbells to get the maximum benefit!