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Precautions to Take After Being Bitten By a Dog

    Dogs are definitely human’s best friend however like many best friends when this friend is irritated or threatened; it will bite you.

    Breaking the myth of “bigger the dog furious it is”, a study conducted by applied animal behaviour science, Dachshund, Chihuahuas and Jack Russells are top three most furious dogs.

    Ironically, all three of these dog breeds are from the smaller statures and are petted because of this reason solely.

    However, no matter of what size the dog is, if you are bitten by one, these are the precautions one must take as damage control.

    Treatment at Home

    If the bit is not that deep and you feel the wound is not so severe, you can treat the dog bite at home by following these simple methods.

    1.    Keep the bitten area elevated
    2.    Stop the bleeding by placing a clean tower over the wound
    3.    Wash the bite with antibiotic soap and water
    4.    Cover the injury by putting a sterilised bandage over it.
    5.    Clean the wound daily and don’t forget to change the dressing daily.
    6.     Also, apply antibiotic ointment on the injury to keep the infection away

    If possible, find Out Who the Dog Belongs To

    You are hurt, you are in a lot of pain, you are shocked, and you are afraid as hell, but tracing the dog’s owner is as important as getting treated in situations like these.

    US laws are very strict towards this act and hold the owner of the dog responsible for this crime. So, when you trace whose pup of a bitch bit you, you can drag the owner into court for compensation.

    The dog bite attorney in West Covina suggests that if a victim tracks down the dog’s owner at the initial stages of the case, the half case is already won.

    Dog bit treatment costs a lot, and any compensation is a significant relief in situations like these, remember this too.

    Go to a Doctor

    If it is not just brushing of the skin, you must see a doctor immediately without any delay. In some cases, a dog bit can tear a tissue, break a ligament, fracture or even crush a bone, hence medical help is vital.

    Medical help is also significant because the medical certificate issued by a doctor will help your case in the court. The medical certificate will assist the jury in judging whether the wound caused by bite is severe or not.

    Tracking Down If the Dog Got Rabies Shots

    It is an essential part of your treatment to get the information, if the dog that has bitten you got rabies shots then you don’t have to, and the vice versa.

    It will also help your doctor to check the medical history of the dog itself and that if the dog is transferring any severe diseases into you.

    If during this process you find out that the villain dog is not vaccinated, then it will only strengthen your case in the court.

    Keeping a pet dog vaccinated is a law in many states of America and if a person avoids that, the person in question can be held as guilty.

    Keeping a Distance from Family

    Rabies is a communicable disease; it can spread very quickly and can be caught by your family or friends.

    A person that is suffering from the disease will be coughing and sneezing a lot which will spread the rabies germs in the air that if inhaled can affect others too.  

    As per a report put forth by Centers for disease control and prevention, only two-three deaths due to rabies is reported in the USA, but you are not precisely Mario and don’t have three lives to live.

    Ending note

    So, these are some of the basic and most import precautions one must take to keep oneself safe after being bitten by a dog.

    As you must have noticed, medical and judicial both type of precautions must be taken in situations like these.  

    Many of the senior dog bite attorney in West Covina advice to take care of the both medical and judicial should not be neglected at any cost when bitten by a dog.

    They say it will only weaken their health and their case.