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Pregnancy Massage: Can Massage be done at 38 Weeks? 

    Pregnancy is always portrayed as a full nine months of happiness but the physical reality of carrying a human being often involves several ailments, complaints, and discomfort that can be avoided with the help of a pregnancy massage Randwick. 

    During pregnancy, the body experiences several fundamental changes, including postural adjustments, a massive hormone inflow, weight growth, enlargement of the breasts, increased plasma and blood volume, and the moving of organs. As a result, the 9-month journey may be unpleasant. and all pregnant women should prepare for some aches and discomfort.

    Pregnancy massage has long been a source of solace and relaxation for expectant mothers. For centuries, massage has been a safe and effective way to enjoy a more comfortable pregnancy. Massage is great for reducing stress, easing muscle tension and soreness, and improving general health.

    A substantial body of research supports massage therapy’s many benefits during the prenatal, labor, and postpartum periods despite the need for greater awareness and a deeper understanding of pregnancy.

    Some questions have been raised by expectant mothers. Like: 

    • Can massages be given during pregnancy? 

    An increasing collection of evidence supports the advantages of getting regular massages during pregnancy as a secure, relaxing, drug-free strategy to reduce and ease any typical discomforts you may be feeling. It can enhance the pregnant woman’s physical and emotional health as well as that of the baby.

    After the first trimester, prenatal massages are often regarded as safe as long as you have your doctor’s approval and disclose that you are pregnant to your massage therapist. 

    • Can a Pregnant Woman Get a Massage At 38 Weeks? 

    Yes, a massage during pregnancy is still safe after 38 weeks.

    Once you’ve reached the 38-week mark and beyond, you are free to get a pregnancy massage unless your doctor has advised against it owing to underlying health or medical problems. 

    Changes and Symptoms that take place at 38 Weeks of Pregnancy

    • Sleeplessness and weariness
    • Indigestion (until the baby switches positions)
    • Headaches, dizziness, or lightheadedness 
    • Back Pain, particularly in the lower back or upper back 
    • Swollen hands and feet
    • Constipation and bloating 
    • Feeling warm or hot
    • “Mucus plug,” an increase in vaginal discharge
    • Enlarged legs
    • Restlessness
    • Exhaustion

    Benefits of Pregnancy Massage at 38 Weeks

    • Decreased Pain

    Massage relaxes trigger points, lengthens shortened muscles, and relieves stress in the shoulders, neck, and head muscles.

    Massage will relieve pains brought on by poor circulation, an increase in blood volume in the body, and pressure from the uterus. 

    • Reduced Inflammation

    The pressure on the hip, knee, and ankle joints increases as a result of weight growth and increases in plasma and blood volume. Decreased circulation and increased pressure on blood vessels are common causes of swelling. Massage stimulates soft tissues to lessen the buildup of fluid in swollen joints by promoting blood flow to the legs and other important parts. 

    • Regulates the Production of Hormones

    Many of the mother’s physical and emotional changes throughout pregnancy are brought on by pregnancy hormones. One (Relaxin) makes the musculoskeletal system looser, allowing the joints to move more freely during childbirth. To ease discomfort, massage increases circulation near those joints.

    Although being pregnant is a wonderful time, there are some unpleasant side effects. Fortunately, massage treatment is a secure and efficient method of treating these aches and pains without using over-the-counter drugs.