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Prepare To Be Blown Away | We’ve Found The Best Grazing Table Menu Ideas

    Have you considered yourself to be “in-the-know” about food? Well, if you have never hosted the best eats on a grazing table, then perhaps you, your friends, and family could be seriously missing out. 

    We’re talking everything from the best grazing table ideas to table props that fill the room with heartwarmingly welcoming chit chat. Imagine a succulent juicy selection of balanced light food that suits all of your guest’s desired taste buds. 

    Here’s everything you need to know about creating grazing tables that will speak subconsciously to your inner self, “eat me — nom, nom, nom.” No matter if your friends have picky eating habits or are vegetarian, there’s something here for everyone.

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Gulp down these delectable goodies

    From weddings, baby showers, picnics to pool parties. Grazing tables have become a great way for guests to mingle casually over drinks and have become all the rage for various types of occasions. 

    Persian grazing table

    Fresh Arabian herbs and spices make an iconic duo. Get your Persian fix with layers of flavors like falafels, mini wraps, caramelized onion dip, creamy eggplant, and Persian marinated feta cheese. If you are looking to go slightly more exotic, then consider adding dolmas (stuffed grape leaves with rice, raisins, and spice), chicken shawarma, or even lamb kofta to the mix. You can also book Persian grazing tables via the Gathar (a marketplace that connects those who love to cook, with those who love to entertain).

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    Table prop recommendations: Use neutral-colored ceramic plates and bowls. Place the food in decorative serving platters. Sprinkle a small portion of fruits, nuts, and herbs around the table settings. As a finishing touch, consider adding Persian lanterns around the 4 edges of the table along with 3 lanterns in the center.


    Fun fact: 7 is a lucky number in Persia. Marriage proposals and weddings often take place on days that include the number 7.

    Bohemian grazing table

    Envision, hidden in the abode of your backyard, a rustic table with that “scratched white paint” classic look. A picturesque bliss. Awaiting your soiree, there’s a selection of dips, seasonal vegetables, fresh and dried fruit, chocolate, quince paste, freshly baked bread, crackers and plenty of vino to go around. If you are lucky enough to have a pool, add some floaties and floating cup holders and you’ll basically be in Bali! 


    Image Credit: Pinterest


    Table prop recommendations: Use a long pallet table that’s decorated with fresh floral arrangements. To set a chillaxed vibe, rugs, cushions and fresh floral arrangements work splendidly.


    Fun fact: Boho is an abbreviation of the word “bohemian.” Boho style is often characterized by long flowing dresses and tiered skirts. During the hippie ’60s and ’70s, boho was widely popular as a way to express one’s wild spirit. 


    High tea grazing table

    Foodies that love to get dressed up will fall in love with throwing a high tea party to entertain their friends. Times like this you’ll be able to break out your Derby-style hat, a chic clutch, and polka dot dress. To pair up the event with food, you can’t go wrong with cajun chicken with rocket mayonnaise, smoked ocean trout with dill creme, scones with triple berry jam, and a selection of light savory tarts to fill the pallet.  

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    Table prop recommendations: The food should be laid out on a two or three-tiered serving tray and be accompanied with fine porcelain, a teapot, tea strainer, a sugar bowl, cake forks, and a special butter and jam holder.


    Fun fact: Early decorative headpieces for women date back to the 16th century and were especially in favor throughout the Renaissance and Baroque era. The popularity of fascinators spread amongst the European royal courts when trendsetter Marie Antoinette first wore ostrich feathers as her stylish head decoration