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Preparing a Research Report on Mental Health Issues

    Mental health is one of the most important human values, because it is the basis of the well-being and harmony of human civilization. Virtually everything that happens in human civilization is related to mental health. It allows humanity to move forward, to reveal their potential, their creative abilities, to engage in self-improvement. All this is possible only with the preservation of mental health. Otherwise, the process of degradation begins. The psyche of people is destroyed – civilization is also destroyed. Preparing a research paper on mental health issues you should not forget about the basics. Let’s take a look at what you may want to elaborate in your report.

    Touch On Genotype and Phenotype

    Mental diseases are the same diseases as others. Someone has a predisposition towards them simply because genes have been identified this way. And each of us has our own experience, our own problems and peculiarities that lead to disorders.


    Symptoms of mental illness – the natural response of the body and consciousness to injury. For example, a domestic violence victim suffers from depression, post-traumatic disorder, or anxiety. Someone after stress for the first time manifests schizophrenia. It is impossible to cure all this only by will and positive thinking. Weakness or strength has nothing to do with it. On the contrary, a person who has to fight a mental disorder can be very strong.

    Don’t Fall for Myths

    For example, psychiatric diagnoses are not given because of a weak character. Mental health can falter due to a malfunction in the body and a traumatic experience.


    “A normal person does not need psychotherapists.” “Get it together.” “Look at the situation from the other side.” “Do you have problems?” What a person with symptoms of a mental disorder just doesn’t have to hear! And this attitude adds to the underlying disease shame and guilt for its weakness. Anyone can get into a stressful situation, get depressed, suffer from sleep disturbances, neuroses, or other mental disorders. These conditions are difficult to tolerate without the support of a professional.

    Follow a Research Report Structure

    The best thing you can do is to follow all the requirements given  by your professor regarding a research report you need to write. First, read instructions carefully, make notes. Taking notes is a must, because you can’t remember all the needed information from the very beginning. You have to remember the most major points, and it is better to write them down, they will be like anchors in a good sense. Another set of helpful anchors you have to organize for yourself is a plan for a research report on mental health. The plan is not an outline, it can be not so official, but you need it in order not to get lost. Many students fail to submit a paper on time just because they didn’t write a good, working plan for their work. It is good if you not only write a plan, but also write time you need to finish some of plan’s points. This way you will have a realistic understanding of what it is there ahead of you.

    Proofreading Never Hurts

    When you feel like you are just ready to submit a paper it is a good moment to concentrate for a moment more and ask yourself whether you have read it enough. You should make proofreading at several levels. You can use online grammar checkers, you can ask a friend to take a look, you can read your paper loud to track too long sentences. etc. There are plenty of options. If the paper is really complex, you can ask a professional paper writer from a reliable research report writing service to edit it for money or even to write several chapters. The choice is yours, you just have to remember that your professor wait for a quality research report from you and you should not disappoint him or her.


    Writing a research report on mental health issues is not the most engaging process, so it is good if you have enough time to deal with it, as you will definitely procrastinate doing it. Make a plan, don’t neglect proofreading and ask for help if needed. Good luck!