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Preventive Healthcare in Bastrop – Why Is It Significant?

    Preventive healthcare means visiting your family physician without any illness. Why must you visit the clinic when you are healthy? It sounds a little strange! The answer is simple – Preventive care helps you stay healthier and thus reduce healthcare costs. The Bastrop preventive health care specialist is Dr. Pompeyo C Chavez, who offers customized preventive healthcare plans for everyone in the family. 

    Preventive care helps detect health issues like diabetes, blood pressure, or cancer early, which helps cure any illness before it worsens. It also reduces the possibility of developing other medical conditions. 

    What services are involved in Bastrop preventive care?

    • Annual checkup – Besides a physical exam, the annual checkup includes crucial health screening for cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.
    • Cancer screenings – Cancer symptoms are not experienced in their most treatable stage. Therefore, cancer screening is recommended at several intervals in your life. For example, for men and women over 45 years, colorectal cancer screening is recommended. Another preventive screening for men is the antigen [PSA] test for prostate cancer and women, including mammograms and pap tests. 
    • Adult immunizations – TDAP boosters include Tetanus, diphtheria, & Acellular pertussis] and vaccinations against shingles and pneumococcal conjugate.
    • Childhood vaccination – Vaccination for kids, includes chickenpox, hepatitis A & B, and MMR [Measles, Mumps & Rubella].
    • Annual flu shots – It reduces the chances of getting flu by 60%. If you get the flu while vaccinated, the chances of serious flu symptoms that can cause hospitalization is lessened. 

    Preventive care and insurance

    Your health insurance covers the majority of preventive healthcare services. You will not need to pay a penny. You can receive preventive healthcare services from a clinic or doctor listed in your health insurance policy. 

    What is regarded as preventive care?

    Preventive care occurs before the issue is identified. However, if an issue identified is treated as follow-up care, you will have to incur some cost. For example, you are recommended a colonoscopy as colorectal cancer screening. Preventive care is an extra follow-up is necessary, like other procedures to eliminate extra growth. 

    Example of non-preventive care

    • Depending on the insurance policy, certain appointments with specialized doctors like a cardiologist, an allergist, or a dermatologist.
    • Primary care visit to the clinic for specific health care like common flu, cold, rashes, minor injuries, or seasonal allergies.
    • Screenings and diagnostic tests to identify a known or suspected medical condition.

    Keep your health in check with preventive care!