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Procedures and Cosmetics for Face Skin Treatment for All Seasons

    The article will tell you how to treat your skin depending on the season and list proper procedures and cosmetics that make your skin healthier.

    Take Care of Your Facial Skin the Whole Year Round

    Take care of your inner, spiritual beauty. That will reflect on your face.  Dolores del Rio

    Did you know that the skin of your face is one of the most sensitive parts of your body? And, for some reasons, the majority of diseases despite their origins can affect it. So it is useful to know how to keep your skin healthy and beautiful during all seasons.

    Remember that your skin is also affected by stress. Stress can be avoided with help of many factors. For example, if you are a student, spring is the time of final exams and stress as well. Visit some websites if you need help with writing capstone project paper, for instance. You may need help with education and this is the best way to get it and avoid stress.

    From the following article, you will know what procedures and substances are recommended for all types of skin during the year. Skincare cannot be the same for the whole year. Procedures that are useful and necessary in winter can be simply dangerous in summer.


    In spring our skin is more vulnerable to temperature changes so in this season it needs more attention.

    • With the appearance of the first sun rays, you need to use creams with photo protective filters. To use them properly, apply them to skin at least 30 minutes prior to going outside, on your daily cream on instead of it. Today many cosmetic brands produce tonal foundations with SPF filters
    • If your skin is dry, choose moisturizing creams and emulsions. They hold moist when they get into the skin. Also, you will like creams with natural oils if you do not have an allergy
    • You can pass through a course of paraffin masks at a cosmetologist’s. They can be applied not only to face but to arms and feet as well. You will prepare your skin for summer perfectly with these procedures. Also, people with dry skin should avoid scrubs and exfoliants, there is no need to traumatize the too sensitive skin
    • For an oily skin, the best choice is moisturizing cosmetics in shape of light fluids or creams with gel texture
    • You can choose a tonic with an alcohol basis. A light scrub will not be a problem for skin without problems
    • Otherwise, choose gommage scrub or gel with fruit acids. Also, do not forget about face masks. Masks with natural components can do miracles
    • Trying organic kinds of cosmetics can be useful


    When warm summer days come you should reconsider your daily skin care and contents of cosmetics. For dry skin, moisturizing creams and masks are recommended. Watch for hyaluronic acid, collagen or carbamide to be present in the contents of a cream. You will like oxygen sorosity for skin and decollete zones, as they get into lower layers of epidermis at once and get rid of peeling and reddenings.

    If you have got oily skin, choose light dull fluids. They do not leave oily brilliance during the whole day. Thermal water is used for all types of skin during summer time. It will “water” your skin and prevent the first wrinkles. You can spray it upon your face several times a day, even on the make-up. Do not forget that in summer time all your creams must have the SPF protection rate not less than 8, and not less than 25 for women with light skin.

    Do not make excessive use of decorative cosmetics. Slightly colored eyelashes and lip glitter will provide you with the feeling of self-confidence for the whole day. Give your skin some rest from tints and face powders. Of course, we exclude ceremonial events, where you need to look amazing in photo flashes. But even in this case, you should pick tint fluids with SPF protection and mineral face powders.


    In fall your skin becomes rougher; peeling may appear. The first colds and winds can irritate our skin. Amounts of skin oil decrease dramatically and skin needs natural protection. During this season you need to complete your skin care with masks which restore protective abilities of skin. Also, it is a good time for deep peelings.

    This procedure is recommended for pigmentations and post-acne. After a course of peeling and cleaning you need to feed, moisturize and stimulate fibroblasts for an active synthesis of collagen and elastin. Mesotherapy and biorevitalization will help us.

    Owners of freckles and pigmentation spots should pay attention to discoloring masks and creams. They contain citrus or fruit acids. Do not get used to clay masks. They decolorize skin, of course, but dehydrate it as well and lead to wrinkles.

    As for house care, you should begin with substances without alcohol in order to stop drying your skin. Apply a moisturizing cream 30 minutes before going out. It will be better if it contains vitamin E, as it will decrease effects of photoaging. Once a week a nutrition mask with the scrub or gommage scrub is prescribed. It will get rid of black spots. Of course, the most effective way of removing black spots is a procedure called face cleaning.

    It is uncomfortable and dangerous to do it on your own. The risk to get some infection is high. So it is better to ask your cosmetologist for help. For dry skin, you need to get restoring of lipid balance to moisturizing. After hot summer the skin is dehydrated. We recommend applying creams with a thicker texture with olive or coconut oils basis.

    And oily skin needs preliminary cleaning or using creams with a very light texture, better with a gel one. If you have got the first signs of aging, wrinkles or second chin, for instance, pass through a course of face massages.

    After it, your skin will look more fit, fresh and moistened. In contrast to stereotypes, make-up (a tinted cream and hygienic lipstick) in a cold season is not harmful but somehow useful as it protects the sensitive face skin from getting cold.


    Winter does not mean only additional activities concerning your face skin but time for some cosmetic procedures as well. It is time for deeper cleaning of skin. The main problem in winter is dehydration. It should be considered when you choose creams, so choose those with protective features.

    Usually, oily skin turns into normal, normal into dry and dry one into extra sensitive. You will like vax masks. The evening procedures must include vitamin nutrition. Washing your face with simple water is not recommended, as you destroy the lipid layer. Substances with alcohol are not tolerated for the same reason.

    Now you know how to protect your skin during the whole year. Remember that every person is unique, and our skin may require different approaches. Before applying any new cosmetic substance check if you are not allergic to it. Following these simple rules will make your skin look natural and all problems and diseases will leave you.