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Professional Root Canal Treatment in Bellevue, WA

    If your tooth gets intense sensitivity or suddenly looks dark, it means you may have an infected nerve inside it. Dental experts Ilya Miloslavskiy, DDS, and Jasmine Bassali, DDS, at EZ Dental Clinic in Bellevue, Washington, analyze your symptoms, assess the tooth with a CT scan, and carry out a root canal to restore its health. They also offer root canal reassessment and treatment for infections that do not resolve after the first procedure. For more information on whether you require a root canal, call or book an appointment online.

    What Is a Root Canal?

    This refers to a treatment technique for decaying or infected teeth to save them from further decay, becoming loose, and even tooth loss.  A root canal involves removing the unhealthy tissue out of the center of your tooth. If the pulp gets diseased or damaged, your tooth can survive without it. The procedure is simple and involves one to three medical appointments.

    What Are Some Signs That You Require A Root Canal?

    A root canal is needed when the pulp inside your tooth becomes infected. An infection may occur after a chip or crack happens to the tooth or when the tooth gets hit with impact and does not break outside. The first sign that you need a root canal is pain in the mouth. However, other signs that you need to check out include:

    •   Spots or pimples on the gums
    •   Severe pain
    •   Gums turning dark
    •   Discoloration of the affected tooth
    •   Inflamed gums
    •   Sensitivity to hot and cold drinks
    •   Pus or fluid from the gums

    The team at EZ Dental Clinic offers a tooth examination to determine whether you need a tooth canal procedure. The sooner you seek treatment for an infected or decayed tooth, the easier it is for your dentist to treat and save your tooth from falling out.

    What Is A Root Canal Treatment?

    The treatment is generally done in two to three appointments. At your first appointment, the specialist administers a topical anesthetic to make sure you don’t experience any pain. After your gums and teeth become numb, they make an incision in your affected tooth and carefully clean out the infected tooth pulp, spraying the area with water to eliminate any excess debris. After removing all the infected tooth pulp, they will apply a temporary filling and offer you a list of care instructions. You will then return for another appointment after the tooth heals for the doctor to install a permanent crown.

    How Should You Care For A Tooth After A Root Canal?

    After a root canal, you might have slight soreness for some days. However, the severe pain of the infection should be resolved. In case of immediate pain, over-the-counter pain medications can reduce your pain. Root canal long-term care is no different from the regular oral hygiene routine. With daily flossing, twice-a-day brushing, and regular professional cleanings, the root canal will last a lifetime.

    To sum up, don’t allow a toothache to go untreated, putting you at the risk of more severe oral health problems. If you suspect you require a root canal in and around Bellevue, WA, call or book an appointment online with EZ Dental Clinic today.