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Prolab Amino 2000 Review

    prolab amino 2000 reviews

    prolab amino 2000 reviews

    Good nutrition is essential for serious athletes. The most important nutrients for building muscle and overall functioning of the human body are definitely amino acids.

    Essential and nonessential amino acids are a naturally occurring compound that represents the building blocks of protein.

    When we feed our body with protein, our metabolism breaks the protein down into free form amino acids in order to make use of them for muscle growth.

    Alternatively, amino acids can be consumed in their free form. This is more efficient because your body can use them immediately instead of digesting protein first.

    Prolab Amino 2000 contains both high quality whey protein and free form amino acids providing everything your body needs to function in the best possible way.

    Furthermore, amino acids have benefits for the human body beyond muscle building including improvement of glycogen resynthesis, improvement of mineral absorption and improvement of focus during exercise.

    What is Prolab Amino 2000?

    Prolab Amino 2000 is a sports supplement aimed at professional athletes and bodybuilders, providing muscle preservation and explosive growth.

    Each tablet contains an amazing 2000 mg of pure, naturally occurring free form amino acids. This is a massive dose and the recommended dosage of 6 tablets per day is enough for even the most active enthusiasts.

    It comes in two container sizes. The smaller one contains 150 tablets which equals 50 servings, and the larger one contains 325 tablets, equal to 108 servings.

    How Does It Work?

    There are two important principles for serious athletes – intake of quality protein and a positive nitrogen balance.

    Hard training athletes with serious exercise regimens require greater intake of protein than an average person. Getting enough protein into your organism is important to ensure that there are enough amino acids supplied to the muscles.

    When you work out, your body breaks down the protein you take in into amino acids. This process leads to a negative nitrogen state called catabolism.

    However, a positive nitrogen balance is necessary in order for protein synthesis to occur, which leads to muscle growth and repair. Prolab Amino 2000, taken after exercise, enables your body to maintain the much needed positive nitrogen balance.

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    prolab amino 2000 reviews

    The Prolab Amino 2000 formula is scientifically proportioned to meet the nutritional needs of athletes and bodybuilders.

    Besides the massive amount of free form amino acids, it contains 8 g of whey protein concentrate per serving (serving size is 3 tablets) in order to support lean mass development and a positive nitrogen balance.

    The protein source of Prolab Amino 2000 is pancreatic digest of whey which has very high bioavailability rating, higher than that of egg protein, which means it is more quickly absorbed.

    It also has a high protein efficiency rating (P.E.R.). In other words, it ensures that maximum levels amino acids are available for uptake into tissues.

    One serving contains 6000 mg of 18 amino acids. It contains all 9 essential amino acids that your body needs to get from food or supplements.

    Furthermore, Prolab Amino 2000 is rich in branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) with as much as 1335 mg per serving. BCAAs are of utmost importance because they make up the muscle tissue.

    Prolab Amino tablets contain cellulose, cellulose gum, stearic acid, silica, natural food glaze, talc and carnauba wax.

    They do not contain any yeast, egg, gluten, no artificial colors or flavors and there is no added sugar, starch or preservatives. One serving contains 30 calories, 0.5 g of fat, 20 mg of Cholesterol, 6 g of protein and 15 mg of sodium.


    The recommended dosage of Prolab Amino 2000 is 3 tablets, two times a day. It is best to take them between meals, preferably immediately after a workout and 45 minutes before the next meal.

    Take them with fruit juice or another liquid source of carbohydrates for best absorption.

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    prolab amino 2000 reviews

    About Prolab

    Prolab Nutrition Inc. is a manufacturer of high-quality sports nutrition products. It has been a favorite of professional bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts for over 20 years.

    Their comprehensive line of products is geared towards the specific needs of athletes. It includes scientifically engineered formulas as well as single-ingredient products, thus allowing athletes to create customized nutritional supplement programmes for specific training and physique goals.

    Whether you are an everyday fitness enthusiast trying to build an aesthetically pleasing physique, a bodybuilder or a powerlifter, you can find precisely what you need in their range of products and supplements. Prolab’s products can be found at most sports nutrition stores and independent health food retailers.

    Prolab Amino 2000 Reviews

    The majority of customer reviews of Prolab Amino 2000 report that the product is very efficient in recommended doses.

    Users report visible results and a high level of satisfaction altogether. Overall, it is a simple and cost-efficient solution for covering you protein and amino acid intake needs.

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    prolab amino supplement review