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Pros and Cons of E Cigs


    Life is filled with pros and cons, and vaping is no exception.  Many scientific studies have scrutinized vaping for the last decade as it has risen in popularity.  For most users, you may experience some side effects of either vaping itself or the nicotine. Either way, vaping is on the rise.  To be clear, if you are a smoker and move to vaping, it is a healthier decision. If you don’t smoke, stay away. Here are some pros and cons of e-cigs.

    On the physical level, you are inhaling glycerin-based liquid like space jam vape juice that is vaporized along with flavoring and nicotine to get the rush of a cigarette without the thousands of toxic chemicals.  That is a pro, but if you are a nonsmoker, then you can expect an increase in coughing or wheezing when picking up the habit. There are fewer physical risks associated with e-cigarettes, but that does not mean there are no risks.  Keep this in mind.

    The main concern with vaping is the delivery of nicotine into the system.  For smokers going to vape, the pro here is that you can experience the same level of nicotine without the other harmful chemicals.  However, the flip side is that the delivery system is more streamlined and can lead to nicotine poisoning for those who are not aware.  If you are a nonsmoker, please be aware there are several cons with picking up vaping. Nicotine is highly addictive that can increase the risk of multiple diseases such as nerve damage, cardiovascular problems and more.

    One of the biggest pros you may see with vaping over smoking is that cigarettes are highly regulated.  They must report what goes into each puff and there are over 7,000 chemicals that you could ingest while puffing.  While this initially seems like a pro, the con to this is that vaping is currently unregulated. This means you could be exposing yourself to heavy metals, particles, and chemicals that are not disclosed in the various vape juices.  Since they do not have to report, you never really know.

    Going back to the health effects, for smokers, the long-term effects of smoking are well documented.  By switching to vaping you will decrease your risk of cancer and many respiratory diseases that plague smokers.  Unfortunately, the con to this is that there are no long-term studies for how vaping affects the body. The technology is unfortunately too new to be able to tell.  Take this into consideration before you start in on vaping.

    While this list is relatively close, there are many more to consider. The cost is cheaper than cigarettes, but more expensive than not having the habit all together.  You have less risk of starting fires than other tobacco products, but could also start a fire if you accidently mishandle or misuse the battery systems. Ultimately, the decision rests with you and how you want to live your life.  There are pros and cons to every situation and it is up to you to decide what you will do with that information.