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Providing Safe, Effective Knee Replacement Surgery Procedures in Maryland

    It is time to think about a knee replacement if you are experiencing difficulties climbing stairs or if you are getting knee pain while lying down. Gautam Siram MD, a renowned orthopedic joint replacement surgeon in Chevy Chase, MD, specializes in knee replacement surgery. Dr. Siram and his team use cutting-edge methods and strategies to ensure the best results. Contact their office over the phone or schedule an appointment online today for a consultation with the respected Chevy Chase knee replacement surgeon.

    What Is A Knee Replacement And How Does It Work?

    Knee replacement is an invasive technique that is used to repair a seriously damaged or diseased knee joint. During the knee replacement procedure, Dr. Siram substitutes the affected sections of your knee joint with prosthetic parts to alleviate pain and regain joint mobility.

    What Are The Signs That You Require A Knee Replacement?

    Following a consultation, Dr. Siram and his team will decide if you require knee replacement surgery. Surgery is mainly recommended if you experience the following:

    o   Knee pain while resting

    o   Serious knee pain that reduces the range of motion

    o   A knee disfigurement

    o   Chronic inflammation in your knee

    Also, if conservative interventions fail to provide lasting pain relief, Dr. Siram may suggest knee replacement surgery.

    When you come for your first consultation, Dr. Siram examines your symptoms, treatment, and medical history. He also assesses the stability, mobility function, and strength of your knee, as well as takes X-rays to ascertain the extent of joint injury.

    He can also prescribe pre-operative MRI or CT scans for certain patients so that personalized, patient-specific devices can be created depending on their anatomy.

    What Kinds Of Knee Replacements Are Available At Gautam Siram MD?

    Dr. Siram treats each patient individually when it comes to joint replacement surgery. He tailors your knee replacement surgery to your specific needs, taking into account the extent of joint injury, your age, and the seriousness of your symptoms.

    Before administering any procedure, the providers at Gautam Siram MD first discuss with the patients about the available options. They will discuss the particulars of each to ensure the patient makes a well-informed decision about their health. Some of the knee replacement procedures Dr. Siram and his orthopedic team offer include:

    o   Total knee replacement

    o   Partial knee replacement

    o   Bicruciate knee replacement

    o   Robotic-assisted total knee replacement

    o   Revision knee replacement

    Testimonials & Reviews

    Input from Dr. Gautam Siram’s respected patients is always appreciated. Dr. Siram and his expert orthopedic team are thrilled to have received six reviews with a 4.67 out of 5 stars average rating so far. To see what other patients are saying about the practice, visit the facility’s website.

    Dr. Siram is a fellowship-trained joint replacement surgeon. His goal is to offer integrative, hands-on treatment to persons of all ages across Maryland. To schedule a consolation with one of the region’s best joint surgeons, call the office of Gautam Siram MD or use the booking tool to request an appointment online, today.