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Pure Smiles – Why Invisalign is Worth it

    As you assess your options to improve your smile, you will likely weigh the pros and cons of getting braces fitted.

    Many people will ask themselves “Is Invisalign worth it?”. We’re here to tell you that there are numerous benefits to opting for Invisalign braces.

    This article will look at what those benefits are and how Invisalign braces compare to other forms of teeth alignment.

    Discreet and comfortable

    When you think of the more traditional “train track” braces that were once the only solution to aligning teeth, your mind might jump to lack of comfort, difficulty cleaning the apparatus, and how apparent it might look to others.

    None of these issues typically occur when you wear Invisalign braces. They’re designed and moulded for maximum comfort so you will hardly feel them as they straighten your teeth.

    Because they are translucent, they are hardly noticeable as you wear them, saving you the potential feeling of self-consciousness when wearing steel braces. 

    You can also remove the braces easily to wash them out and clean your teeth. As the older forms of braces can only be secured and unsecured by your orthodontist, it makes cleaning the gear and your teeth troublesome.

    Your dental professional at Pure Smiles can provide all the information you need.

    A healthy choice

    One thing you will always want to avoid, but especially as your teeth are being aligned, is infectious bacteria.

    If your teeth aren’t cleaned properly or there are gaps in your smile, it makes the chance of bacteria harming your oral health worse.

    Therefore, because you can easily remove the apparatus, then clean it and your mouth sufficiently, this reduces the likelihood that you’ll encounter any harmful oral diseases.

    It shouldn’t be understated how wonderfully beneficial it is to be able to eat whatever you like, rather than being extremely careful not to damage your steel braces. 

    With the more traditional types of braces, there is a high risk of solid food getting stuck in between crevasses. This is why many people with these types of braces stick to food in liquid form, or whatever won’t cause such problems.

    This isn’t an issue for Invisalign braces, of course, because they can be removed. This means that you can eat all types of food, clean your teeth sufficiently, then put your Invisalign braces back in.

    How much are Invisaligns?

    Invisalign for adults works extremely effectively at fixing misaligned smiles. For the comfort, discretion, and cleanliness, it’s worth paying for.

    At affordable prices, you can see why so many people choose Invisalign. Consult with the Pure Smiles experts today to discover the price structures you can take advantage of.

    Periodically, you’ll need to visit Pure Smiles to have your braces remoulded to adjust for how the straightening has occurred. This is quick and easy, meaning you won’t need to alter your diary too much to accommodate this. 

    Booking with Pure Smiles couldn’t be simpler. Get in touch with the team today to find out all you want to know about Invisalign braces and what they can do for you.