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Quality Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine Services

    Many individuals suffer from chronic pain conditions every day including headaches, neck, and back pain. Most people use over the counter painkillers to ease their pain, which in most cases is not effective. Injuries are common causes of chronic pain. Physical therapy and chiropractic care are among the methods people use to relieve their painful conditions. It’s hard to live with pain, as it affects your quality of life including your daily activities. Hence, professional medical assistance is appropriate for proper diagnosis and treatments. Downtown Pain Management specializes in providing pain management treatments and services to better people’s lives. The Red Bank board certified physical medicine & rehabilitation physician Ron Ben-Meir, DO, treats all sports injuries in patients of all ages.

    The pain management specialist Dr. Ben-Meir leads his practice in offering pain treatments and solutions to various conditions including neck, back, and joint pain. Being once a football player he understands the impact of sports injuries, hence he is committed to offering help through effective sports medicine treatments. He combines his knowledge in osteopathic medicine and interventional spine and sports medicine to add to his expertise in treating all types of acute and chronic pain.

    He is compassionate and caring to his patients treating them as part of their family. Dr. Ben-Meir understands and respects every patient’s unique needs, and involves them in developing personalized treatments. He listens to them attentively to answer their questions and give detailed information about their health concerns. Downtown Pain Management provides comprehensive care including physical therapy, medical marijuana, yoga, acupuncture, ultrasound, epidural nerve blocks, and fluoroscopy-guided knee injections. He does not only treat symptoms but he carries out an extensive diagnosis to offer the right treatment for your overall health.

    They offer services such as:


    Sciatica signs include pain, numbness, or tingling running from your back to the legs. Downtown Pain Management offers comprehensive treatments for acute and chronic sciatica, to relieve your pain and improve your life quality. Visit them today in New Jersey for services. 

    Sports injuries

    The board-certified sports injury medicine specialist Dr. Ben-Mien has experience with sports injuries once being an athlete. He provides extensive care to all his patients to help his patients heal faster and return to their activities. Call them today or book online for an appointment.

    Medical marijuana

    Medical marijuana treats various conditions including pain management. Downtown Pain Management practice uses this treatment method for effective and efficient results. Visit them today to learn more.

    Downtown Pain Management is your solution to all your chronic pain conditions. Led by Ron Ben-Meir, DO, FAAPMR, the board-certified pain management specialists are committed to helping patients heal from their injuries and relieve their pain for quality and healthy living. With locations in Red Bank, Hoboken, and Manalapan, New Jersey the practice serves the surrounding communities with convenient and comprehensive care. The qualified and experienced specialist offers quality treatments for pain management, neck and back pain, joint pain, sciatica, and sports injuries. He is friendly and welcoming to all patients and strives to offer customized treatments to meet all their needs. To end your chronic pain condition today, visit them in any of your convenient locations for services to relieve and manage your pain.