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Read This If You Need Workout Motivation

    Everywhere we turn we hear about the importance of exercise and a balanced diet. And the more we think about, the more we have the feeling that change is long overdue. But then the big question is how to get started and how to work out when you are not motivated.

    Even though we are surrounded by information about the necessity of regular exercising now more than ever, most of us have a problem to get into it. If you make a  promise each night to go to the gym tomorrow after work, or for a morning jog and then after waking up realizing that you don’t have time, you are in the right place. We have all been there, and we know quite well that bitter feeling that you have for not being able to stick to a decision. But, cut yourself some slack. You are not the first nor the last person here who lacks the motivation to workout. However, we want to congratulate you because the fact that you are reading this text means that you are ready for a change. And it’s your lucky day because Gym Expert has some excellent workout motivation tips to help you get going. 

     It might come as a surprise, but a lot of people are struggling to discipline themselves to exercise on a daily or at least weekly basis. There is always something that we find that will prevent us:  work, family, friends, traveling, and so on. The list of reasons why someone doesn’t workout is enormous, but the reality is that they aren’t the reasons in fact but pure excuses. When you don’t want to do something, you will easily find a reason not to do it.  Whereas if you decide that your health is the priority, then it will be straightforward to find a way to incorporate exercise in our daily lives. The key is to figure out what is preventing you really and how to motivate yourself to go to the gym.  


    The Real Reasons Why You Don’t Exercise

    One step towards improving your lifestyle habits is asking yourself why can t I make myself exercise instead of coming up whit a thousand excuses. After this, it will be easier to understand what might be the problem. Meanwhile, we will list here some of the most common reasons that will either answer your question or help you understand your particular situation better.  


    1. The Effects Aren’t Immediate. In our experience, this is a problem for a lot of people.  Finally, you decide to start and are warmed up with the idea of exercising. But then you read that it takes several weeks of ”hard work’ for the first results to kick in.  It can make you disappointed and consequently lose the desire to begin in the first place. 
    2. It Seems Boring.  Repetition is the key to success when it comes to exercising. But a lot of people can be bored by doing the same things over and over again. Additionally, running on a treadmill or riding a stationary bike can appear as pointless as you aren’t moving anywhere. 
    3. You Don’t Have a Habit to Be Active. Unless you practice some sports in childhood, you aren’t used to being physically active. So when you decide to engage yourself in a sport, your body and brain need to understand and get adjusted to the change.
    4. It is time-consuming. It especially counts for people who are considering exercise as a means to lose weight. They often think that it is easier and quicker to go on a diet, or take some pills, even undergo plastic surgery to get the effects they want. 


    How to Get Motivated 

    Alright, we have seen what’s stopping us from exercising. Let’s find out what can get us on the right track. 


    1. Make Exercises a Purpose for Itself.  When we begin incorporating workout in our routine, we usually set a goal like losing 20 pounds or getting to point to lift 70 pounds from the bench.  While it is essential to have goals, they should be your priority for exercising. It will take some time before you reach these goals, and then if they are the only reason you decided to be active, you might lose motivation before you succeed. The point is that you have to believe that exercise will make you feel better regardless of the final result.  
    2. Make Time.  You can choose that your priority is to spend time drinking with your friends in a bar or barbecuing with your family. People tend to say that they are tired of exercising after work. Well, we got to say it’s a pretty lame excuse. Because if you are spending time with your friends or family instead of going straight to bed after work, then you aren’t that tired. Nobody ever said that you have to spend 3 hours in the gym. You would be surprised what a 20 –minute workout can do for your body.
    3. Additionally, there isn’t a rule that says that you have to work out at a specific time of the day. If you’d instead do something else in the evening, set your alarm 15 earlier and do some light exercise in the morning. Also, you can take a shorter lunch break and go for a quick jog.  
    4. Your Health Should be Your Priority.  Thinking about the health consequences of a sedentary lifestyle should be the best tool to find the motivation to exercise when tired. You might think now that it is not essential, but trust us there will come a time when you will have to prioritize your health. The problem is that this can happen anytime regardless of how young or old you are, and it won’t be so simple to fix it. You have probably heard that prevention is the best cure. Well, trust us it is entirely accurate and making exercise part of your daily life is a key for prevention.
    5. Overcome Mental Barriers.  Some people are convinced they don’t know how to work out, and they are embarrassed to do it. We will tell you a secret. Every single person knows how to exercise; the only difference is in fitness levels. The good thing is that fitness level improves with exercise. The only thing is that you have to get rid of this idea that you cant do something. It is not essential if you can run for 5 minutes, and then you need a break, or you can do just three pushups. Start from there, be persistent, and you will see that you will quickly progress.  
    6. Enjoy the Time That You Have. Because of a common belief that workout is boring, you might wonder how to motivate yourself to exercise alone. But the thing is you need to change the mindset.  Regard this as a time when you are doing something beneficial for yourself, not as torture. You can also listen to music while you are running or doing strength training is you don’t have a workout buddy.



    As you see, finding motivation for exercise isn’t at all as challenging as it sometimes seems.   We hope that you enjoyed the text and got inspired to give it a try. Also, you are more than welcome to share your experiences and ideas with us.