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Reasons Capsules Have Become More Popular Than Tablets

    The two main options in oral medications are capsules and tablets. While tablets have always been the go-to for consumers recent times have seen capsules overtake the traditional form tablet in popularity. Both offer an efficient system of delivering supplements or medications to your digestive tract for their intended purpose. Although they both do a similar job there are some differences that set capsules apart that we will look at below. A large contributor to the debate has come in the form of health and wellbeing supplements, intended to encourage weight loss, nutrition boosts, and a general feeling of well-being. With the main focus of tablets and capsules still being a medication for physical ailments, we can’t discredit the massive supplement market for its contribution.


    With a recent incline of interest in health and wellbeing, capsules have become an easier and more efficient way for people to absorb and digest extra nutrients into their system to give them more energy and positivity. Supplements taken orally have also been proven to raise people’s moods and mental health, which is more crucial every year as the discussion around mental health issues grows. It is a tight call choosing between either one of these two, and as we will see in our conclusion it hinges very much at the moment, but there are some stand out reasons capsules have become more popular than tablets.


    Capsules Are Faster Acting And More Effective

    When you swallow a capsule it takes less time to break down and start to release its contents into your bloodstream. A big reason capsules have become a more popular choice than tablets is down to the fact that you will get faster-acting relief from taking capsules. They also provide a higher amount of the drug or supplement into your system than tablets so, while they are more expensive, they provide a greater amount of what you need. The fact that it dissolves quicker means that you are less likely to suffer from any gastrointestinal discomfort or irritation. This is a rather important plus point for a lot of people for obvious reasons.


    Your average liquid-filled capsule will be dissolved and sent away into the bloodstream in just a few minutes to start its work on making you feel better. A tablet will take up to half an hour to accomplish the same thing. Even then, tablets can have issues when it comes to breaking down evenly and distributing into the bloodstream where it needs to be. The capsule is more reliable and more effective overall in this process, as this coupled with higher efficiency brings the value of each capsule to a similar level. I would even argue that knowing how much of a substance you are dissolving into your system is more valuable than the money saved from buying tablets.


    Capsule Manufacturers Have More Customization

    For those in the supplements business the capsule is the way to go for the unique ways you can market yourself if no other reason. Capsule manufacturer can customize the size, color, and material of your capsule before delivering it to a customer. Everything down to the imprinting of your brand on the capsule is covered with manufacturers like Makers Nutrition, meaning you can set yourself apart from your competitors with a personal touch, or pass on requests from customers for that extra bit of satisfaction. You would be surprised the difference a little color or a funny message can make when building a business. Even dietary supplements themselves can carry the message and personality of your brand.


    If you are in the supplement business then customization is a way of standing out from the myriad of other products on the market. You don’t need to go to business school to know that you have to have a hook to get your company across to people. Bright pink supplements with rainbow branding could be that look. A bold look, but nevertheless, one you wouldn’t be able to achieve using tablet form. It’s the small novel things in life that make things fun, right? That goes for having to take your meds or daily nutrition too. Opening a bright and joyful capsule at the start of your day or after a heavy workout puts a smile on your face. I bet you didn’t think ‘more fun’ would be on the list of features for a medication capsule!


    You Get More Variety For Your Needs

    The capsule manufacturers can provide more of a range of products to suit more customers. Hard-shelled capsules can contain more than one drug which makes them ideal for dual-action supplements or drugs that have a longer release time. The versatility of the capsule sets it apart from tablets as it can serve any need. Soft-shelled capsules are the option for a gelatin-based release that works faster than tablets too. A plus for the kids too – capsules don’t leave the same aftertaste as tablets do. No more forcing their medications down them! Think about it this way: capsules contain the supplement or drug, tablets are the supplement or drug. The casing of the capsule keeps oxygen out and away from the actual medicine/nutrients inside.


    Another aspect of the variety comes in nutrition. While there are plenty of supplemental tablets available, the number one for supplement manufacturers is soft gel capsules. As they can hold all sorts of different liquids and solid forms they are perfect for any vitamin, mineral or nutritional food-sourced substance you could ever want. Liquid-filled forms can be absorbed into shakes and other drinks to provide the nutritional boost without the need for digestion but diluting it to a safe level in the beverage. Soft gel capsules have the added benefit of having their gelatin coat which actually provides the body with an extra source of protein and can also aid in everything from bone strength to skincare.


    They Are Less Likely To Set Off Allergies And Other Reactions

    A major worry for a lot of people is having allergic reactions to prescription tablets. Tablets contain a lot more ingredients than capsules do and run a higher risk of setting off someone’s allergies. Hard-shelled capsules are your best bet to avoid any nasty surprises as they contain the fewest ingredients of the three options listed here. The last thing any of us want is to be sent to the hospital by something designed to keep you out of there. Of course, you should always check the ingredients anyway, and most tablets won’t cause irritation for the vast majority. If any medications or supplements do start a reaction it will more than likely be minor and you should check with your doctor if you display any symptoms that could be caused by ingesting supplements or medicines.


    All of the other benefits of capsules listed here allude to the fact that they are better for your overall digestive system. Because of the fact they spend less time in the stomach breaking down and spreading more evenly into the blood, there is less of a risk they can cause irritation and set off allergic reactions. The shell, hard or soft, is made up of more natural substances – hence the fact they have fewer ingredients than a tablet and therefore make less of a negative impact in the body. People are more inclined to stay away from food and beverages with artificial ingredients and the same applies to medications and supplements. The change in our culture towards more organic and healthy living contributes to the growing popularity of the capsule.


    Tablets absolutely still have a valid argument to make about their status in the world and there are still benefits to choosing tablets over capsules in certain cases. Tablets are inexpensive – both to manufacture and to buy for the consumer. They take longer to expire so they will always have a spot in the home for use when needed. A tablet can be split in two for a smaller dose, handy for young children and elderly people, whereas splitting a capsule leaves you with a mess and a waste of money. Those of us who grew up knowing only the little white tablet medications need not fear a change; they aren’t going anywhere. For the cases involving abuse of tablets, there have been some very cool anti-deterrents added to the formulas to make them impervious to crushing and injecting.


    Each option still has its place in the pharmaceutical world but capsules are deserving of their status as front-runners in the market due to their adaptability and the appeal of personalization they offer to businesses. You should always consider the merits of the situation you need each of them for – both for company distribution and personal use. Capsules are fast-acting but pricier, tablets live longer but dissolve less evenly. Both are as safe as science allows them to be, neither is recommended to split open or crushed into powder (if you didn’t already know that), and both are cornerstones of our lower-level medical needs.