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Reasons For Purchasing A Numbing Cream

    A numbing cream is a very niche product yet can be used for a few essential purposes. The numbing creams could be used to lessen the pain during waxing or tattoo applications. If you want to have a tattoo on your body but are afraid of the pain, you can apply the tattoo numbing creamThis could ease the pain at the time of making the tattoo.

    Mentioned below are some reasons for which you can purchase a numbing cream:

    Best for low pain tolerant people

    Not all people can tolerate pain equally. The numbing creams can be a boon to such people as they would help to lower the pain. Those who scream even at small procedures like a blood test or something that involves a needle can feel relaxed by using this cream.

    Painless waxing

    Waxing is like a beauty enhancer for the females. For many, it is a painless procedure but others feel excessive pain. Numbing creams can again help out here. You can apply the numbing cream one hour before the waxing schedule and can enjoy painless waxing.

    Saves time in finishing tattoos 

     You can save the time of tattoo application using these creams. As the numbing creams reduce the pain, you will feel more relaxed during the tattoo session and your muscles and body will also remain in a relaxed position. This will help the tattoo maker to make the tattoo easily and sooner as he will not have to take breaks in between.

    Tips for buying the numbing creams

    So, now when you know such benefits of the numbing cream, you will surely think of buying it. You will have to keep in mind some of the key factors before purchasing the numbing cream. Some of the factors that you should consider are mentioned below:

    Ingredients – The first thing that you should consider is the ingredients. The cream should not contain harsh chemicals as they can cause damage to the skin. You should opt for the numbing creams which have antibacterial properties. It must also be anti-inflammatory so that it can be applied to the inflamed part of the skin.

    Lidocaine – It is the agent in the numbing cream which makes it effective. Lidocaine is an anesthetic agent. The highest quantity of lidocaine must be 5% in the cream as it works by blocking the nerve signals of the affected area. An excessive amount of the chemical can cause burning sensations, irritations, or even more serious reactions.

    Consider the side effects – Sometimes, the numbing creams can cause an unpleasant situation. It may be not good for some particular skin types and can cause irritation or allergy to sensitive skin. But these side effects are very rare so you can use the numbing cream but in a prescribed quantity. You can also do a patch test to know if the cream suits you or not.

    The base – While using the numbing cream before the application of the tattoo, you need to be careful about the base of the cream. It must be water-based as the oil-based creams can affect the quality and even the design of the tattoo.