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Reasons Why Celery is Good for Your Dog

    It’s common to see dog owners who have been informed at some point that their dogs should not be fed with food from the table. Although most people ignore this advice and give their dogs scraps once in a while, new dog owners still hold on to that idea.

    When it comes to feeding the dog from the family plate, there are some foods that are more ideal to give them compared to others. Chocolate and onions make the list of foods that are off-limits while celery is a good option because of its safety for dogs. Celery contains large amount of minerals and vitamins that are very beneficial to the health of dogs. It is fat free, has very low calories and contains high fiber which also makes it a perfect treat for dogs that are overweight.

    Most dog owners ask the question “is celery okay for dogs?”, especially when they have tried out other options without any visible result. The truth is that it is a safe food for dogs and the health benefits are many. When choosing food for your dog, you need to be careful as there are foods that are safe for dog consumption but lack the corresponding health benefits.

    We have outlined some reasons why celery is good for your dog. Please read on to get more details.

    Here’s Your Dog  Needs Celery

    The following are some reasons why you can feed your pet celery:

    Low-Calorie Food

    Some people snack on celery especially when they are trying to shed weight because of its low level of calories and this explains why it is also an excellent food for dogs. If you own a dog that is overweight and you are looking for an easy solution, you can start with a celery snack routine and monitor it to see the changes within a few months. With this option, they get to eat something satisfying and crunchy but they are not consuming extra calories. While it may take some time before the dog fully adjusts to the new diet, you will have to exercise little patience in the first few days. If you need tips on how to walk through this phase of dog food change, you can find some here.


    Celery contains lots of vitamins that are beneficial to health. These vitamins include vitamin C, vitamin K, and vitamin A. Vitamin K is instrumental in adequate blood clotting and keeping the dog’s bones healthy and strong. Vitamin C on the other hand is ideal for boosting their immune system as well as assists their bodies in adapting to stress in a healthy manner. Finally, vitamin A is a great option for the dog’s eyesight and the health of their muscles, skin, and nervous system.


    In addition to being a great source of vitamin supply, it also contains several important minerals. With this, your dog has access to some important minerals such as zinc, for instance. Zinc is pivotal in strengthening the dog’s immune system. It plays a big role in promoting proper digestion and helps with cognitive functions.


    Celery is popular for the supply of a good measure of potassium. In fact, it has almost the same level of potassium a banana contains. Potassium is an electrolyte renowned for assisting the dog with hydration and also stops muscle cramps. Taking adequate potassium also helps with heart, kidney issues as well as blood pressure. If you are concerned about the dog’s renal or cardiovascular system, then giving them celery may be a good move because of its numerous health benefits. However, avoid using only food to manage these issues, you can talk to your vet for other medications and testing if required.

    High Level of Water

    Celery does not only contain electrolytes that are active in keeping the dog hydrated, it is also a vegetable with high level of water content. By implication, you dog gets extra water while consuming it. When you make consumption of this rich food a daily routine, especially during summer, your dogs will stay hydrated and in their best health condition even after a running session outside your home.


    This food contains a lot of antioxidants which include vitamin E. Antioxidants are pivotal in reducing inflammation and assisting the dog to prevent diseases. When they take a diet rich in antioxidants, they become less susceptible to oxidative stress and are protected from getting exposed to severe health conditions like arthritis and cancer.


    Giving your dog celery is a good way to make sure they consume adequate fiber which is important for the promotion of good digestion and assisting the dog prevent stomach issues. It is also a good stomach filler. What this means is that overweight dogs can use this as a measure to shed extra pounds. Because of the rich fiber content, it is more beneficial to give the dog a little amount at a given time. High consumption at once may make them become prone to digestive issues and even diarrhea.

    These are some of the health benefits of celery to dogs. You can search the internet if you need more details. Additionally, if you need recommendations on other foods that are good for your dog, you can check here:


    It is an obvious fact that celery can add more health benefits to your dog’s diet. While it may not be easy for dogs to try out new things, especially when they are green, you need to insist on this particular food because of the attendant benefits which we have outlined in this article. Feel free to check them out.