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Reasons Why You Need to Take Your Child To The Dentist

    As a parent, you’ll be wondering the best time for the baby to visit the dentist for the first time. Most parents will be overly concerned about the health of their babies but overlook the importance of oral health. You should not wait until the teeth have fully developed in order to go to the dentist. In this post, we’re going to highlight some of the reasons why you should be taking your child to the dentist.

    Loose Teeth

    Your child’s teeth will start to fall off at some point. This is a natural process and it is part of growth. The process of losing teeth will occur from ages 6 to 12. When you start noticing that permanent teeth have become loose or wiggly, it will be time to look for a dentist. You can reach out to Andrew J. Sampalis, D.D.S. and Associates, Ltd if you’re looking for a reliable dentist that can be trusted with the oral health of the whole family.

    Delays With Adult Teeth

    There are some children that will not easily lose their baby teeth. If for some reason the adult teeth are not able to break through the gums, the intervention of an experienced dentist will be necessary. It could be that the permanent teeth are crooked or there are other health concerns that need to be addressed. A good dentist should be able to get to the bottom of the problem and come up with a permanent fix.


    When your child starts complaining of toothache or pain, there is likely to be an underlying problem. Pain is usually the body’s way of signaling that there is something wrong. The condition will need to be assessed as soon as possible so that your child is experiencing relief.  There is no legitimate reason why your child should be in pain when you can reach out to an emergency dentist to help with the situation.

    Brown Spots on the Teeth

    Dental caries will appear in the form of white/brown chalky spots on the teeth. A tooth that has turned brown or black will warrant immediate dental attention. Tooth decay is common among children because it progresses quicker. The discoloration could be a sign of an underlying problem and the dentist will need to be contacted as soon as possible for an appointment. This is especially the case when your child already has adult teeth says this professional dentist in Harrisburg. If tooth decay progresses, they may lose their teeth and replace them with dental implants.

    Irritated Gums

    If your kid is always complaining about gums that are hurtful after brushing or flossing, it is imperative that you’re reaching out to a dentist for examination. Irritated gums could be a sign of gingivitis. You don’t want to take chances when the oral health of your kid is at risk. The only way you can know what your child is ailing from is by having a dentist examine and assess the condition.

    Tooth Sensitivity

    When your child experiences pain when taking cold or hot beverages, it could be a sign of dental caries. You’ll need to get in touch with a dentist to address the issues with tooth sensitivity.

    Regular Checkups

    One of the reasons why regular dental checkups are important is so that potential problems are discovered before getting out of hand. It is understandable if your kids don’t like going to the dentist but it doesn’t always have to be so. That is why you should be careful when doing research for a family dentist. Ideally, you’d want to get a dentist that will be easy to work with. Such a dentist will ensure that everyone is comfortable. It doesn’t matter if it is a scheduled checkup or dental treatment, patients are assured of feeling at home.

    Child’s First Visit

    Dentists recommend that your child’s first dental appointment should when the teeth start appearing or on their first birthday. It is during the first visit that the dentist gets to look at the oral structure of your child’s teeth. He or she will then provide recommendations for the best practices to ensure that your child’s oral health is in good shape. After the first checkup, dentists recommend that you follow up with another one after six months.

    To Sum it UP

    Getting a good family dentist is a foundation for good oral health. Your kids will need to be started early with dental appointments. The last thing you’d want to deal with is a dentist that is incompetent or make the appointments unbearable. Take your time with research so that you’re getting the right provider for the whole family.