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Reasons Why You Should Consider A Pap Smear

    As a woman, you need a pap smear to evaluate your health and help detect cervical cancer in its early stages. If you seek a professional South Charleston pap smear, look no further than Patel and Patel M.D., Inc for an innovative pap smear alongside HPV testing and vaccinations. At the practice, testing occurs onsite, thus guaranteeing a quick and safe procedure. Contact the experts to arrange a pap smear or take advantage of the various other high-class services.

    What is a Pap Smear?

    A pap smear is a test aiming to detect cervical cancer and signs of abnormal cervical cells before cancer develops. Also known as a pap test, the procedure is usually conducted during a well-woman exam.

    Am I eligible for a Pap Smear?

    If you are 21 years of age or older, you need to undertake a pap smear on a schedule as recommended by your OB/GYN. Your schedule may vary depending on such factors like age and prior pap smear results. Your schedule may range from annually to every three years or five, according to your needs.

    At Patel and Patel, M.D, Inc, your provider places you on an ideal schedule as per your medical history and exposure to cervical cancer. At age 65, most women can stop cervical cancer screenings.

    What Can I Expect from a Pap Smear Treatment?

    A pap test lasts a few minutes and usually just a small piece of a well-woman exam. During your pap and pelvic assessment, you will be required to lie comfortably on an exam table, placing your feet on stirrups.

    Your specialist at the practice then inserts a speculum into your vagina. This device allows them to visualize and access your cervix, where a small sample of your cells is taken. Your cell sample is taken to the lab for further study to identify early signs of cervical cancer or other health conditions.

    What Happens for Abnormal Pap Smear Results

    If your pap smear results are abnormal, you do not need to tense. Many women have abnormal, pap smear results. However, this does not directly translate to cancer. Your specialist discusses your results as they walk you through your next steps. For atypical results, the test is often repeated later before proceeding to the next steps.

    Early detections revealed by a pap smear suggest that most women can start treatment swiftly and avoid abnormal cells’ advancement into cancer. Your treatment approach depends on your condition’s gravity and on how to prompt the indicators of abnormal or atypical cells being detected.

    Other Services

    Beside pap tests, your specialists at Patel and Patel M.D., Inc offer a full range of other top-class services, including:

    •       Urinary Tract Infection
    •       Birth Control
    •       Pregnancy
    •       STD Screening
    •       Abnormal Bleeding
    •       Chronic Disease Management
    •       Fertility Evaluation
    •       Primary Care
    •       Family Medicine
    •       Preventive Medicine
    •       Pelvic Pain
    •       Women’s Health
    •       OB/GYN
    •       Genetic Testing
    •       Ultrasound

    Are you considering a pap smear for your optimal health? Your specialists at Patel and Patel M.D., Inc offer revolutionary pap smears in a compassionate environment. For early cancer diagnosis, call their offices today or schedule an appointment through the online scheduling tool.