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Reasons Why You Should Consider Vasectomy in Birth Control

    A model of birth control pills, a hormonal IUD and an implant — three types of hormonal contraceptives.

    Many people want to have control of their sex life, there are various ways available to achieve this. However, with most methods, you will have to forgo sex or use barrier methods to prevent your significant other from getting pregnant. Vasectomy is one of the most effective ways to have the best of two, as with the procedure, you can engage in sex without worrying about pregnancy. Kingston Premier Medical Group experts have the skills to give you the procedure so that you can rest easy.

    Why Choose a Vasectomy

    A vasectomy helps you have control, and it works 100% to prevent you from getting your partner pregnant. In recent years, many men have selected this procedure to help them take charge. Statistics show that yearly uptake for the procedure has reached 500,000 people. The procedure is a simple surgical issue that focuses on the special tube that delivers sperms during ejaculation.

    Is A No-Scalpel Vasectomy A Safe Procedure?

    A traditional vasectomy involves a more significant surgery to help you take control of your sexual life. However, the results of the procedure are as effective as those of modern forms. The procedure involves no less than two incisions to reach the vas deference. Your doctor then slices the tube to limit the movement of the sperm during your sexual endeavors. Your doctor will finish the procedure by closing both sides of the tube before stitching you up and ushering you into a new life, the one where you take control.

    In the more modern procedure, a No-Scalpel vasectomy, your doctor will make use of a clamp, which holds the vas deference on your scrotum after examining them for the tube. Your doctor will then make a tiny hole at the stretched point, pulls the tube closer, and slices them. The procedure finishes when your doctor sutures the end of the tube.

    The modern procedure relies on natural healing and the elastic properties of the scrotal skin. The cut ends will close, heal naturally, with minimum pain and discomfort.

    What to Expect When Having a Vasectomy

    The procedure is an in-office one, so you will have to visit Premier Medical Group in person. You will receive anesthesia to help you through the procedure, not that the technique is that painful, but to improve your overall experience.

    Your doctor will wait until you have settled before starting the procedure, which takes about half an hour. You have to wait for some time until the anesthesia dissipates before you can go home.

    What to Expect After a Vasectomy Procedure

    As much as you wish to jump right back into having sex with your partner, you must wait for at least a week. Additionally, you have to wait for three months to guarantee that you cannot make the other person pregnant, so you will have to use other barrier methods.

    Take control of your family by having a vasectomy. Other methods exist to achieve the same results, but a vasectomy is one of the most efficient. Reach Premier Medical Group through calling or book your spot online.