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Receive Expert Care for Alcohol Use Disorder in Florida

    Mental health issues affect many individuals worldwide, lowering their life quality. Usually, mental health disorders occur due to past traumatic experiences, family history, brain injuries, among others. A mental disorder mostly affects your behavior, including mood, your relationships, and even your productivity. Other than medical treatments, you can improve your mental health through physical exercise, yoga, and meditation. You can also promote your mental wellness through positive thinking. Ketamine Therapeutics is a mental health practice that focuses on providing effective treatment and diagnosis of mental health conditions to better and save lives. They use various innovative and noninvasive techniques to treat several conditions, including alcohol use disorder in Jacksonville, Florida. Call or book online today to schedule your appointment.

    Ketamine Therapeutics has highly experienced and expert specialists that commit to help people struggling with depression and other mental health issues live quality lives. There is no doubt that mental issues can demean your life, making it miserable. If you are struggling with alcohol use disorder or any other mental health disease, feel free to come up and get help. Visit Ketamine Therapeutics today for the best in effective mental health care.

    What is alcohol use disorder?

    Alcohol is a beverage taken usually to celebrate or relax your mind. However, when taken excessively or to cope with a problem, it causes psychological problems.

    Alcohol use disorder, also known as alcoholism, is a chronic disease that occurs due to uncontrolled alcohol dependence. It involves the excessive use of alcohol to control your problems or keep your mind preoccupied with your problems.

    The signs of alcoholism may be different among various people. But it may be a problem when your alcohol use puts your health at risk or interferes with your relationship at home and work life. If your alcohol use leads to more problems affecting your life quality, it is possible to have an alcohol use disorder. Early treatment is recommendable to prevent the problem from becoming severe.

    What are the symptoms of alcohol use disorder?

    The symptoms may vary between individuals depending on your level of the problem. They may include

    ·       A strong craving for alcohol

    ·       Being unable to control your drinking, the amount of alcohol you take

    ·       Drinking even when it is unsafe for you

    ·       Failing on your major duties at work or home due to alcohol use

    ·       Spending a lot of time drinking

    ·       Continuing with alcohol use even when it is creating more problems

    ·       Having an alcohol tolerance causing you not to feel its effect or taking more before you get its effect

    ·       Experiencing withdrawal symptoms like sweating, hallucinations, and nausea when you attempt to stop drinking

    What are the diagnosis and treatments for alcohol use disorder?

    During the consultation, your mental health provider examines your problem.

    ·       Physical exams

    ·       Lab and imaging tests

    ·       Evaluating your symptoms

    ·       Asking questions about your drinking habits

    After diagnosis, the provider develops a treatment plan for you, depending on your condition’s severity. The treatment may include:

    ·       Oral medications

    ·       Psychological counseling

    ·       Detox and withdrawal

    ·       Injections

    ·       Support groups

    Your provider may also suggest alternative treatments such as yoga, meditation, and lifestyle modifications.

    In conclusion, alcohol use disorder is a condition where you depend on alcohol to perform your functions or cope with life problems. The highly skilled team at Ketamine Therapeutics provides safe and effective treatment for alcohol use disorder to improve your life. Visit them today for the care you deserve.