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    ENT doctors, also known as Otolaryngologists, are highly-trained specialists in the area of the ear, nose, and throat (Otolaryngology). In the United States, this medical specialty is regarded as the oldest, according to the American Academy of Otolaryngology. Imagine having the feeling of water in your ears without being close to the beach or swimming pool; or imagine not having to taste anything, sing, or talk; or imagine not having to smell anything. You would feel like your interaction with society has been truncated. This is the situation of some individuals. However, these are not permanent situations, as they can be treated by ENT specialists. Here are some ailments that can be treated by an ENT doctor:

    Ear Problems: Patients with tinnitus (ringing or buzzing in the ear), impacted wax or objects in the ear, or infections can seek help from ENT specialists.

    Hearing Loss: With the help of audiologists, Otolaryngologists can diagnose and treat hearing loss.

    Allergies: ENT specialists diagnose the root cause of certain allergies and prescribe medicines for them. Allergy symptoms can be reduced or treated with immunotherapy – the use of allergy shots.

    Balance Disorders: Balance disorders are caused when the tiny structures within the inner ear are affected by infection or other health problems. Balance disorders lead to problems like dizziness. The underlying cause of these medical problems can be diagnosed and treated by ENT doctors.

    Problems with Swallowing and Speech: By working alongside with speech-language pathologists, ENT doctors can diagnose and treat speech and swallowing difficulties that stem from head and neck cancers or stroke.

    Nasal Congestion: Nasal congestions are caused by sinus infections, allergies, and other health problems that are associated with the nose; including a deviated septum.

    Diseases of the Larynx/Voicebox: ENT doctors specialize in treating mouth, throat, and head cancers.

    Sleep Apnea and Disorders: Sleep apnea is caused when the airways are blocked. Otolaryngologists can fix this problem by recommending a sleep program that will determine the best form of treatment.

    Surgery: ENT specialists are professional surgeons that correct various medical conditions resulting from trauma, deformities, and other health problems associated with the ears, nose, and throat. The surgeries performed by these individuals include the following:

    • Myringotomies; this involves the insertion of ear tubes to treat chronic ear infections.
    • Tonsillectomies. ENT remove tonsils using this medical procedure.
    • They also perform sinus surgery (balloon sinusplasty) to open or unblock the sinus passages.
    • ENT specialists perform surgery to remove nasal polyps.
    • They get rid of tumours, especially those associated with the head, neck, and thyroid gland.
    • Do you know that ENT doctors perform plastic surgeries for medical and cosmetic purposes? These surgeries include the use of blepharoplasty to correct drooping eyelids, rhinoplasty to construct the nose structure, corrective constructive surgery after the treatment of skin cancer. They also perform surgeries that help to repair a deviated septum or widen the nasal passages to treat individuals with breathing problems.

    ENT specialists are your go-to doctors for various health problems relating to your neck, head, and throat. If you would like to get in touch with them today, please visit this link: