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Reclaim Your Space: 6 Tips for Redecorating After a Breakup

    A breakup can be challenging enough when someone you love walks out of your life. However, it can be even harder when you live with them. The home you shared might now be yours alone, or you’ve had to move somewhere else and start afresh. 

    Whichever situation you’re in, you deserve to redecorate and begin a new, more positive chapter of your life. With that in mind, you could make incredible changes using these helpful tips: 

    Get Rid Of Reminders

    Many things, such as furniture and personal possessions, can remind you of the person you used to love. When you’re freshly out of a relationship, you’re not always strong enough to face those reminders head-on. With renovation plans underway, consider removing things you believe will limit your progress.

    Sometimes, even just temporarily relocating them to a self storage facility can be a good idea. You can then decide what to do with those items when you’re feeling emotionally stronger. 

    Make Changes You’ve Always Wanted

    Relationships are all about compromise, but it can sometimes mean missing out on things you’d really love because your spouse is against them. Ending a relationship can be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to make those design changes you’ve always wanted! 

    You might paint bright feature walls in a color your ex detested or hang artwork they never let you put on the walls. Think about all the sacrifices you’ve had to make and start making the changes that bring you the most joy. 

    Transform Your Bed

    It can take a while to call your sleeping space ‘my’ bed rather than ‘our’ bed. However, making a few bed purchases might kickstart that necessary change. Visit your local bedding store to buy new pillows, bedspreads, and luxury sheets. Pick colors and materials you love, and don’t be afraid to add those highly controversial throw pillows. 

    Buy Plants

    Recovering from a breakup can be mentally painful. While you might seek therapy as millions of others do, there are other small things you can do to make yourself feel better. Plants are one of them. 

    House plants not only liven up a home but have also been linked to reduced physiological and psychological stress. It can just be an added bonus that you’re adding to your houseplant collection after your ex-spouse told you ‘no more!’ 

    Prioritize Color

    Bright colors can’t help but make us feel happy. If you’re struggling with your recent breakup, inject some much-needed color into your home. Painting walls can be the most dramatic change, but you might also add color through soft furnishings, artwork, and home décor. Seeing bright colors as soon as you enter your home will surely put a smile on your face. 

    Rearrange Your Furniture

    You might not want to get too carried away with painting and taking down walls – and that’s okay. You can refresh your home in other ways, such as by rearranging your furniture. 

    You might decide to create a more seamless look by selling or giving away some furniture. Alternatively, you might move it around to make each room look entirely different when you enter. Some people even decide to adopt a Feng Shui layout. Often, rearranging furniture is all a recently separated person needs to do to feel like their space is 100% their own. 

    Reclaiming your space after a breakup is never going to be easy. It can feel like there are reminders everywhere you look. However, a few minor changes, such as buying plants and new bedding, might be all it takes to make your home look uniquely yours.