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Reduce your Risk of Complication With These Minimally Invasive Procedures

    Many women want to accomplish their reproductive health needs with safer surgeries that offer satisfactory results. Fernando Otero, MD, is a leading McAllen minimally invasive surgery specialist in women’s health who offers services with a customized touch. Your doctor combines both traditional and modern methods for astounding results with less risk on your overall health.

    What is involved in minimally invasive surgery?

    Surgeries need large incisions that go to the target area to correct any reproductive health issue. However, with the surgeries that Dr. Otero offers, you will feel safe with minimal incisions to any part of your body. With minimally invasive procedures you are not required to stay in the hospital overnight. That means you will save more money in addition to reducing the risk level of the surgery.

    Dr. Otero employs different methods to complete the less invasive surgery. Hysteroscopic surgery is the primary procedure used to reach any part of your body without extensive surgery. Other advanced treatments offered include laparoscopic surgery that uses thin tubes to reach the most critical organs. This type of procedure requires the doctor to insert cameras into the target point for real-time data. Your doctor will then display all the information in the surgery site on a screen for a meticulous and less risky procedure.

    To increase the less invasive procedure’s reliability and precision, your doctor might make use of the robotic surgical system. In such a case, your doctor controls the robotic parts in order to do more precise work, helping the surgery to be less invasive.

    The procedure that doctors can use minimally invasive methods

    The most common conditions that can be helped using minimally invasive methods include:

    •         Cervical incompetence
    •         Tubal ligation
    •         Hysterectomy
    •         Endometrial ablation
    •         Removal of fibroids in the uterine walls
    •         Tubal ligation
    •         Treating Vulvar endometriosis

    Dr. Otero uses minimally invasive procedures to detect any issues in your body to offer advanced treatments and recommendations.

    Do minimally invasive procedures have any benefits to your health?

    Although the minimally invasive procedures have their shortcomings, they offer many benefits compared to traditional processes. The procedures remain the best option against highly invasive surgeries due to their lower risk profiles. Other benefits of the procedures include:

    •         A shorter stay in the hospital
    •         Faster recovery times
    •         Smaller incisions
    •         Smaller risks of losing blood

    You will need an appointment with your doctor to decide whether less invasive procedures are helpful for you. In some instances, Dr. Otero will recommend open surgeries to help diagnose and treat your condition better.

    Lower your risk profile by seeking Dr. Otero’s minimally invasive procedures to help with your reproductive health needs. Visit Women’s Clinic of the Rio Grande Valley for such services and much more. Book an appointment with your doctor by calling the office or using the online scheduling tool.