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Regenerative Therapies that Promote Natural Healing of Injuries

    Regenerative therapy is a new state-of-art medical procedure that addresses injuries and health conditions without using medications or surgical intervention. Regenerative medicine harnesses and strengthens your immune system, promoting healing and accelerating cell regeneration. Fayetteville knee pain specialists offer to address injuries by promoting natural healing and alleviating pain and other distressing symptoms using regenerative therapies. Do not allow knee, back, and neck injuries to interfere with your day-to-day activities when regenerative therapy can give well-deserved relief from your symptoms.

    What is regenerative therapy?

    Regenerative therapy is a form of treatment that triggers the natural ability of your body to restore the normal functioning of your organs and heal defective or damaged tissues. Regenerative medicine aims at ensuring your general well-being and boosting your body’s functioning. Arkansas Regenerative Medical Centers offer two types of regenerative therapy procedures including platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and cellular therapy. These treatments nourish your body with proteins and enzymes boosting your body’s ability to heal itself and stimulating cell growth.

    ·                     PRP Injections

    The doctor draws a small sample of blood from your arm and places it in a centrifuge for processing. This process isolates and concentrates your platelets which contain numerous growth factors essential for body healing and cell growth. Dr. Harshfield then puts the centrifuged platelet-rich plasma in serum and injects it on the affected or target area to promote healing and accelerate cell growth.

    ·                     Cellular therapy

    This therapy involves the injection or implantation of viable stem cells into your body to effectuate your healing ability and promote cell growth. If you have muscle injuries in your back or knee, Dr. Harshfield may recommend cellular therapy for faster healing. In addition to boosting the healing of soft tissue injuries, cellular therapy also plays a vital role in boosting your body’s immune system when battling medical conditions such as cancer.

     Cellular therapy and PRP therapy can promote healing and faster recovery from injuries that may require surgical intervention, helping you avoid complications associated with surgery. After the procedure, you may notice some mild bruising or slight pain at the injection site, which goes away after a short while.

    What medical conditions can regenerative therapy address?

    The medical team at Arkansas Regenerative Medical Centers combine regenerative medicine with other medications for faster healing of injuries such as:

    ·                     Pelvic pain

    ·                     Headaches

    ·                     Joint pain, especially in your hands, neck, wrists, elbow, shoulders, knees, feet, and hips

    ·                     Arthritis

    ·                     Soft tissue injuries such as tendon injury

    ·                     Back pain radiating from your lower back to your sacroiliac joint

    The caring team at Arkansas Regenerative Medical Centers takes into account your general wellness by providing a cutting-edge regenerative therapy plan that addresses your specific medical conditions.

    How can you know if you’re eligible for regenerative therapy?

    Dr. Harshfied and his team offer personalized regenerative therapies to cater to your specific needs. They conduct a comprehensive physical exam and discuss your needs before creating a personalized treatment plan to alleviate your symptoms and promote faster healing.

    If you believe regenerative therapy can help to improve your condition or injury, call Arkansas Regenerative Medical Centers or schedule an online appointment today.