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Religion Has Never Been A Problem In Recovering From Addiction

    Recovering from critical drug abuse accompanies various challenges. When you are a person of strict religious belief, fighting a brain disease of addiction can accompany additional difficulties which may make you feel that you are derailing from your religious belief and this may make you feel so bad for disappointing God. If you are one of those people that is in this position, drug rehab help, they offer what is called a faith-based rehab which helps people in this category.


    It may interest you to know that over the past few decades, Faith-based rehab programs have been effectively engaged in real-world addiction troubles. These programs started in the 1930s, with the formation of the Alcoholics Anonymous program. In this program, religion is made as a part of rehab and it has proved that religion is effective in treatment for addiction, since then, it has been demonstrated again and again. Today, the government’s SAMHSA organization rendered support to faith-based programs that have demonstrated tremendous evidence of helping individuals addicted to get over drug abuse. 

    In healing centers such as Legacy Healing in Coral Springs, they mix their proven, evidence-based care protocols with faith-based programs to bring about positive change in the life of every addiction, in order to take them far away from addiction and bring them closer to God.


    How are faith-based rehabs extraordinary? 

    The basic understanding of faith-based rehab is centered on the fact that people abuse drugs or alcohol because they want to compensate for their shortcomings in their spiritual life. Whenever God is not found in a person’s life, they usually go to drug abuse as a way to make up for the shortfall. Therefore, reconciling with God can actually correct the shortfall in a person ‘s spiritual life and help in eluding addiction. 

    Turning to spirituality cannot just end addiction, that is a fact, because it is a brain disorder. So, it can only be ended through the use of medications and therapeutic intervention proven scientifically over time. However, engaging God is a part of your recovery process, and can take care of the root of the issue i.e. the reason you went to drug abuse in the first case. 


    The spiritual practices and teachings of faith-based rehab can assist you stay sober in the long term after you have used science-based treatment programs. In faith-based rehab, patients assemble in prayer gatherings, and receive spiritual counseling by an expert, for positive outcomes. Attending these meetings with other Christian rehab patients, the shared experience could bring individuals closer to each other that share the same beliefs. Therefore, with fellow faith based patients the relationships will be strong and go through the recovery process.

    Furthermore, Faith-based rehab programs include Bible study hours where patients learn about what the Bible teaches as regards drug abuse and this is done together with other members of your faith. Consequently, in these learning sessions, patients would be able to understand their religion more and how addictive contradict the principles of spiritual faith and realize what they have done to damage their relationship with God and this will improve their chances of long-term sobriety.