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Research Leaves Experts Optimistic About CBD and Depression

    Research conducted on mice has been considered as accurate and CBD has been determined as safe for use on human beings. When mice were subjected to a CBD dose, they felt much more stress relief as observed from their behavior.

    The University of Sao Paulo in Brazil has already published its finding in the journal Molecular Neurobiology. As soon as they find positive results in the animals, they will eventually move on to research in human beings. However, the progress so far has left every expert in the world optimistic that CBD is the next big antidepressant.

    Importance of the Study

    Various universities and centers of research have been using animals to research so that they have a better opportunity to study the effects of CBD without a hurry. The primary goal is to substitute other drugs that have been in use to take care of depression.

    The other reason why this study is very important is the fact that CBD has become very popular with certain regions around the world doing large-scale farming of cannabis plants. Thus, the availability of CBD is not a challenge, according to experts.

    More About CBD

    Since its discovery in 1940, studies of CBD have been ongoing in various parts of the world. CBD or cannabidiol is one of the ingredients found in the cannabis plant. When used in its pure form without the addition of terpenes and THC, it has been proven to have numerous health benefits with the main one being the ability to fight depression.

    Experts from, a website that sells CBD products, agree with the researchers that CBD is one of the best antidepressants. Most if not all of their clients who have used CBD products according to the recommendations by medical practitioners have achieved positive results.

    How CBD Works to Relieve Depression

    Reports in the journal Molecular Neurobiology are clear on how CBD works to fight depression in animals, and this would apply to people as well. The experts believe that CBD triggers the serotonin receptors that are found in the brain. When the serotonin levels are low, the animals feel anxious and eventually get depressed. Similar case happens to people. Various activities that lead to anxiety and stress can hinder the production of serotonin in the brain and a person will eventually be depressed. Other effects of stress and depression also include migraines.

    As soon as CBD is dispensed to such a person, the contents will be absorbed in the brain to trigger the serotonin receptors. Research agrees that CBD does not increase the production serotonin, but it makes use of the available chemicals to make a person active. This should not be confused with making someone high like in the case of THC. The good thing with CBD is that it offers a permanent solution without addicting you to the drugs.


    Experts and researchers are happy with the advancement of this research. So far, they have learned a lot about CBD, and that is why we can see a lot of these products in shops today. However, this is highly regulated.