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Reshaping The Medical Scene – 5 Devices That Do It Right

    The medical discipline is constantly evolving. You can see the palpable change around the world with medical devices that are being introduced. Remote health monitoring devices were just one of the few initial steps. There is a lot more that is reshaping the medical scene as the world has come to know it. Let’s have a look at a few devices and technologies that can change the way you manage your health in the future:

    1. Trifocal Intraocular Lenses Of The Modern Age

    The modern-day trifocal intraocular lenses are being touted as a big step forward and a revolution for cataract patients about to undergo surgery. This device is capable of providing the patient with a highly improved near, immediate, and distant vision. Experts say that this device can significantly reduce the patient’s need for glasses after the procedure.

    1. Digital Health Care Assistants

    Google and Alexa are not alien to you. They are a part of your life but they can also fulfill the role of your health care manager or on-the-call physician. The various devices that you use are equipped with these virtual assistants that can capture, analyze, and utilize your health data to come up with a medication plan to help you lead a better life. An even stronger leap forward is the invention of voice-enabled virtual assistants that cater specifically to your healthcare needs and disease management. These virtual assistants are being touted as one of the biggest medical breakthroughs for mankind.

    1. Smart Pacemaker Devices

    This is one of the most innovative devices that you will come across. Pacemakers date back over a hundred years and have become a critical piece of equipment for millions of patients suffering from life-threatening diseases. Scientists use the latest Photo Etching technology, highly detailed manufacturing, and fabrication to come up with a more modern version of Bluetooth and AI-enabled pacemakers. They allow patients to get a better understanding of their health. They can be accessed through medical apps installed on their mobile devices. They can enhance patient outcomes through improved remote monitoring.

    1. New-age Coronary Stents

    These are balloon-expandable covered stents and are quite popular in the medical circuit. They can be implanted into the coronary artery of the patient with the help of a catheter-delivered system. This device is being used to treat coronary artery perforations in patients of almost all ages. It can repair tears in the blood vessels as and assist in normal blood flow over time.

    1. Smart Inhalers

    According to several independent studies, close to 50% of asthma patients do not have their breathing problems under control. Close to 94% of these people do not use inhalers properly. This is where smart inhalers come in with Bluetooth technology that enables users to keep a track of their condition and monitor their vital stats on their smartphone using a proprietary app.


    The medical scene is changing indeed. Healthcare as the world has known it has evolved tremendously. It is only for the betterment of humanity. It is time to catch up with it.