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Review of Puffco peak vs Carta Vape

    The start of the year 2018, recorded a significant event in the vaping history. It was when the first modern portable dab rig was introduced to the people. It made use of the latest technology to offer vaporization in a desktop like performance in the most portable form. The new technologically advanced vaping unit had all the features, a product of one of the most innovative and ingenious minds in the vaping industry. Like all the types of gadgets, the devices in this platform have evolved and bound to improve with advent of the latest technology. We will have a detailed comparison between the two popular devices Focus V Carta and Puffco peak to know which one is the best for you. The comparison will also review both the products and their features in line with the market expectations. Both these products have created ripples in the dab world. 

    The Puffco peak has a triangular shape with a stable base designed in such a way that it allows the user to use it with either both the hands or using a single hand. It is offered in a number of colors and a popular travel pack. When we look at the bowls the Puffco peak comes with a standard ceramic bowl while the Carta Vape offers better results with titanium or the quartz bowl. Carta Vape has a triangular base not as stable as the peak and difficult to use on the go. The Carta vape has better battery features as you carry spare batteries with you and use them when you do not have any power outlet around you. This has delighted customers the Puffco peak uses the battery pack which is non removable but offers battery charging within just 2 hours. 

    Looking at the temperature profile Puffco peak offers four different temperature profiles capable of automatically adjusting the vaporizers temperature. Similarly Carta vape allows offers the same features however the downloadable app allows complete customization of the temperature profile which is hard to beat by Puffco peak. The faster the heat up the better the vape product, so the Carta vape has an edge over the Puffco vape as it heats up just in 5-7 seconds as compared to Puffco peak which takes just 20 seconds. Both Puffco Peak and Carta Vape have the manufacturer warranty which lasts for a year but Focus V Carta offers warranty for a month on its atomizer. 

    Let’s observe product versatility features for puffco peak vs carta vape. Puffco peak is only suitable for wax concentrates while Carta vape is designed for both dry herb and wax concentrate vaping. The dry herb atomizer needs to be purchased separately, the Carta vape can be used with a wide range of accessories such as the heating cups and bubblers providing a better all time vaping experience to the users. Both the devices are portable and offer high performance and great vapour. However Carta Vape seems to be a better choice, not being cheaper and offers more versatility. Focus V Carta vape provides the best value for money against its arch rival and is the top pick for anyone looking for a portable rig.