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    endoscopic rhinoplasty

    Where Is the Video Endoscopic Rhinoplasty Surgery Done?

    Rhinoplasty in Istanbul Turkey guarantees you that ‘there is no need to be afraid of rhinoplasty surgery anymore. 

    For the first time in the world, with the advanced rhinoplasty method that Turkish Plastic surgeon specialist Op. Dr. Yakup Avşar has found and developed by himself, you will overcome your fear of surgery.



    What is Video Endoscopic Rhinoplasty?

    The rhinoplasty procedure based on the microsurgery style and its applications are called micro-rhinoplasty. This method is a method developed by Yakup Avşar and prepared to present to the whole world. With the computerized design, ideal nose sizes are determined and the surgical technique is decided. In this method, closed system rhinoplasty is performed without cutting the nasal base using micro-instruments. The nose is taken out by making the millimetric cuts utilizing ultra-micro-motor systems, not by breaking the belt. The finest details are processed in the nasal bone structure using micro-motorized filing. Cartilage anatomy is shaped by applying micro techniques. When necessary, the nose form is changed by using cartilage micro grafts.



    Why is Micro-Rhinoplasty?


    Rhinoplasty in Istanbul Turkey has been developed gradually over the past 20 years and the trend in rhinoplasty surgery has always evolved towards thinner surgery. The instruments, systems, and techniques used in rhinoplasty are designed to create less trauma. Micro-rhinoplasty is a method to further this movement. In this method, which is called ‘less invasive surgery’, since the tissues are treated more gracefully, the recovery process is much quicker compared to the past and it is also an important advantage as well as good results. If you are looking for an aesthetically perfect nose that you will not regret then, visit Yakup Avşar’s clinic in Akatlar/İstanbul




    Patients want to see their approximate ‘after surgical procedure images’ earlier than the operation, and there are software program and gadgets to carry out this imaging. Two and 3-d simulation strategies at the display screen offer a semblance of ways you’ll appear.  However, 3-d ‘earlier than and after’ mask are the maximum lately invented and used for the primary time withinside the international via way of means of Dr. Avsar.


    3d masks simulation may be achieved for different surgical procedures also, along with the nostril, ear, eye, face, breast, or buttock.


    3-d Nose printing is a more recent revolutionary pre-remedy system for endoscopic rhinoplasty. With this, the health practitioner can visualize, draw out the favored nostril form for the affected person. The affected person also can envisage, revel in, and evaluate the nostril form earlier than the surgical operation. This revel in ambitions to manual their choices earlier than the surgical procedure.




    • Micro incisions
    • Better visualization on video endoscope for the nasal structures
    • Better visualization of nasal shape by the monitor
    • Much faster recovery times than traditional techniques
    • Less post-operative swelling then open rhinoplasty
    • Less trauma to the tissue for rapid healing
    • Magnification near 20 folds using video endoscope for the nasal structures
    • Better visualization of nasal anatomy on the monitor
    • No visible scar on the nose