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Robotic Spine Surgery: How Effective Is the Process?

    Since 2004, robotic spine surgery has evolved with each generation or robotic guidance. Surgeons now have better tools allowing patients to enjoy better surgical outcomes. A facility like Arlington robotic spine surgery first gets detailed imaging of the spine’s anatomy before the surgery. The images of your bones and spine are mapped to enable the surgeon to know exactly where to place the instrumentation for the operation. During the surgical procedure, the robot gives the surgeon the correct trajectory to put the screws within your bones and allows the surgeon to see where those screws are in real-time.

    The procedure is minimally invasive and involves making small incisions with minimal exposure to the screws within your spine. With as much as the robots know where the bones underneath your skin are, the surgeon no longer needs to expose the structure for visualization. Therefore, you experience faster healing and a shorter hospital stay. Consequently, there is less blood loss due to the surgical procedure as the accuracy of the robotic spine surgery is exceptional.

    Can Anyone Get This Procedure?

    Any patient with a spinal problem can get robotic spine surgery. The decision to use this procedure is an individual decision. However, any decision should be guided by the need for an accurate and effective surgical solution that leaves you feeling better and enables faster healing.

    The fact that patients don’t lose so much blood makes it a preferable option. The surgeons accurately place the implants with the help of instruments. The procedure is displayed on the screen, enabling the surgeon to follow along with every moment. The efficacy of the process is beyond question.

    The new technology era has revolutionized the medical industry and most medical facilities are using innovative solutions to make their patients more comfortable as they receive top-notch care and surgical options. The staff monitors the process in real-time via the display screen. Surgeons can give live feedback during the surgery to ensure it’s more precise.

    Your decision to opt for robotic spine surgery depends on your symptoms and preference. Consult your specialist to know whether the minimally invasive robotic spine surgery is suitable for your condition or situation.

    Why Is Robotic Spine Surgery Considered a Reliable Surgical Method?

    The concept of minimally invasive surgery has grown over the years and now robotic spine surgery is being incorporated as a potential precision-based technological advancement in the medical realm. The application of robots in surgical specialties makes the procedure safe and feasible. The procedure is more accurate and precise than traditional approaches. Advanced robotic spine surgery promises reliable clinical outcomes and handles dural closure, pre-planned osteotomies, and decompression.

    The approach has been proved to increase precision and decrease radiation exposure. It comes with artificial intelligence software accompanied by a feedback sensor design that makes the surgical procedure more accurate and facilitates even complex tasks such as dural closure and bone decompression. The accuracy and precision associated with this approach are responsible for the lessened tissue destruction.

    Incorporating modern technological advancements in the medical field helps make treatments more efficient and effective as there are fewer mistakes and complications. Surgeons can monitor the procedure via their display and give real-time feedback. Consult your doctor to know more about this spine surgery approach.