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Safeguard your mouth from due to orthodontics

    How Can Orthodontic Treatment Safeguard Your Mouth – Find Out the Importance of Orthodontic Devices in Dentistry!

    People who have misaligned teeth are vulnerable to tongue and gum injuries while eating and speaking. Hence, it’s important to use the right devices like a mouthguard for injury prevention. A high-quality mouthguard like the Bayside mouthguard at Bayside Orthodontics offers many benefits that extend beyond just injury prevention caused by misaligned teeth. Dive in for more information!

    What Is Orthodontics – An Overview!

    Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that aims at the diagnosis and correction of bad bites and dental irregularities. In addition, an orthodontist offers consultation and treatment for dental discrepancies.

    Problems Associated With Crooked Teeth

    Crooked teeth are a cause of serious health concern. The 2 main problems associated with this sort of misalignment and overcrowding are as follows.

    1. Crooked teeth are hard to clean. It can lead to tooth decay and gum infections.
    2. They also make chewing hard. It can lead to headaches, toothache, loose teeth, and many other jaw disorders.

    Orthodontic treatments are, therefore, necessary to prevent and cure all the problems listed above.

    Having said that, let’s now walk you through the 2 different categories of dental devices that are most effective. Have a look!

    Two Types of Orthodontic Devices for Dental Flaws: Fixed Devices and Removable Devices

    Orthodontic devices can be fixed and removable. The type you require will totally depend upon the severity of your condition. Your orthodontist will be in the best position to advise the best treatment method after a careful in-person assessment of your jaws.

    Types of Fixed Appliances 

    1. Braces – Braces entail bands, wires, and brackets. The bands are the anchors held in place around your teeth and the brackets are attached to the front of your teeth. Arch wires connect the brackets to the bands. By tightening the wires, you can exert pressure on your teeth. The pressure gradually moves the teeth closer to bring them to the right position.
    2. Special fixed appliances.
    3. Fixed space maintainers.

    Types of Removable Appliances

    1. Aligners – Aligners are like braces. The difference being, they are invisible and do not involve wires.
    2. Removable space maintainers.  
    3. Jaw repositioning appliances.
    4. Lip and cheek bumpers.
    5. Palatal expanders.
    6. Removable retainers.

    The Different Conditions that Indicate You Need Orthodontic Treatments

    The following problems foretell whether or not you require orthodontic treatment.

    1. Overbite: When the upper front teeth appear to protrude more than the lower teeth.
    2. Open bite: When there’s a significant gap between the lower incisors and upper incisors when biting down.
    3. Misplaced midline: This is a situation where the center of the upper and lower front teeth does not line up.
    4. Spacing: When there are random gaps and spaces between teeth.
    5. Crowding: This is what happens when teeth appear to crowd the jawline so much that it seems like the jaws cannot accommodate them.
    6. Underbite: When the lower teeth protrude while the upper teeth are set too far back.
    7. Crossbite: When the upper teeth feet behind the lower teeth while the mouth is closed.

    The orthodontist conducts a complete examination and, after that, develops a treatment plan that will work the best according to the condition you’re suffering from.

    To sum up, whether you’re planning to buy a customized mouthguard or any other dental device, consider visiting Bayside Orthodontics. You can book an appointment by calling their office or using their online platform.