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Savor The Japanese Grilling Art of Teppanyaki Cooking!

    “There is no sincerer love than the love of food!”

    Let’s accept it; there’s no arguably better way to explore the culture of the country than tasting its delicious and mouth-watering recipes. And Japan is one such place to try!

    From seasonal dishes to the regional one, to hibachi and the Japanese-style barbeque, the country has its art of preparing everything. If you are lucky enough to dine at the authentic Japanese restaurant, you will be awestruck by the sleight hand tricks and the charm they bring on the table.

    Moreover, if you have popped into a teppanyaki restaurant, the iron griddle (teppan) with the sizzling food will allure you. Be it beef, seafood, garlic fried rice or veggies; you will get to witness everything grilled and served on your platter.

    So, What Teppanyaki Is?

    Teppanyaki is originated from the word teppan which means an iron pan and yaki means grilled. It’s one of the most popular cooking styles in Japan, which comprises roasting on a hot iron skillet.  

    The mild aromatic flavors, light seasonings, and the fresh ingredients will make your dining delighted. Cooking on a flat iron surface is the key thing to bring on the classic aroma of flavors.

    From soups and salad to pleasing appetizers to rice and other vegetables, chefs will prepare in front of you to serve you piping-hot food. Since it involves light seasoning, the dressings will involve use of soy sauce, vinegar, salt and pepper, and wine. Garlic is also used, but only to prepare things like beans, sprouts, meat, chicken, and beef.

    Preparing Teppanyaki At Home?

    Preparing food onto teppanyaki is quite easy. If the teppan surface is new, heat the teppanyaki grill first at approximately 120 degree Celsius to remove the top coating. Once the top coating melts, rinse the surface of the skillet and then season it.

    To season, heat the griddle to 150 degree Celsius and brush a little oil on its surface. This will seal the rough surface, to make the upper layer non-stick and soft to cook. Now, chop the veggies and grill your food.

    Why You Should Cook On Teppanyaki?

    Since teppanyaki uses only a few drizzles of oil, it is very light on tummy and is healthy as well. It features light seasonings; which means you will get to taste mild and soothing flavors. However, you can customize your dishes and oil as per your taste.

    Also, when dining at restaurants, you can tell chefs about how you want to prepare your dish and can customize accordingly.

    What Can You Cook In Teppanyaki?

    From seafood to meat dishes, to salad and soups, there’s a wide gamut of recipes you can fresh grill on the pan. Some of the most popular ones are:


    • Seafood:


    The most popular seafood to be grilled in teppanyaki is grilled prawns and scallops. You can even cook Ise spiny lobster and black abalone in it.

    • Rice:

    Rice dish with fried rice and eggs or even risotto can be cooked on the teppan. In restaurants, you will see chef’s showcasing their skills of flipping and tossing the dish into the air.


    • Beef:


    Teppanyaki restaurants will please you with the mouthwatering and premium brand of black-haired wagyu beef. You will enjoy the delicious flavors of the dish that is not too fatty or spicy. Since the whole meal will be prepared in front of you, you can make sure that your meat will not overcook. Moreover, it should have the exact flavors of everything as per your taste.


    • Desert:


    You can even prepare desserts like sorbet, pastries or even cake. Prepare them in your garden and enjoy it as an evening snack with coffee or tea.

    And Lastly, Teppanyaki Is Not Hibachi:

    Teppanyaki is often known as another form of hibachi barbecue cooking. However, it is not!

    Hibachi features open-grate grilling process using charcoal or gas flame to cook food. But, teppanyaki features flat, griddle-style grilling surface.

    Teppanyaki is perfect for cooking small and finely chopped veggies like sprouts, carrots, mushrooms and even rice. You can grill these veggies in the pan or directly on the propane grill to serve your guest steaming hot food.

    You can even drizzle your favorite sauces on the pre-steamed chukamen noodles, or at the pre-boiled udon noodles to cook them on teppanyaki.

    So, if you want to enjoy the art of cooking on the hotpot grill, get the one from and savor your taste buds with fabulous grilled dishes.