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Seamless Gym T-Shirts Impact Your Workout Game

    Your clothes do impact your performance one way or another. Each fabric affects your freedom of movement one way or another. Seamless t-shirts provide optimal mobility. Afterall, form is of the utmost importance during workouts.

    Apart from the functional aspects of seamless t-shirts, they look just as sophisticated. Seamless technology is not something ordinary. The fitting is athlete and fitness enthusiasts approved. Seamless t-shirts hug your muscles just the right amount, allowing your curves to be visible without the tight discomfort.

    While seamless technology has been around for quite some time, its use in athleisure is building up. This article covers everything you need to know about seamless t-shirts, how they can impact your workouts and, in our opinion, the best place to find them.

    What Are Seamless T-Shirts?

    The name kind of speaks for itself. It’s a t-shirt made in a single continuous knitting process. So, the t-shirt has no seams. It’s hard to imagine it at first if you have never tried one on.

    However, the feel is different. It’s like wearing a glove only on your body. Socks are another example of seamless clothing. Every seamless clothing you imagine is usually soft, comfortable and provides good freedom of movement.

    This is exactly how a seamless t-shirt is too. The fit is optimal for highlighting your hard-earned gains in the gym and the comfort keeps you easy throughout the day.

    How Are Seamless T-Shirts Made?

    The most popular way to make seamless t-shirts is through circular knitting machines. These use long yarns to weave together shirts. These yarns are able to increase their length while maintaining their strength.

    Seamless T-Shirts Are Also Environment Friendly

    There are fewer processes in making a seamless t-shirt. This means there are fewer resources used. When making conventional t-shirts, the most resource consuming phase is the cutting and sewing.

    However, with seamless t-shirts, this process is done in a single go. The machines take care of everything. Therefore, less waste is produced and it reduces the chances of human error.

    Even though there are fewer rejects and waste produced with seamless technology, it’s an expensive process given the machinery and equipment. So, it’s not a technology all fashion companies want to adopt right now.

    How Does Seamless Technology Impact Your Workout?

    Seamless technology incorporates new functionality into traditional t-shirts. Aspects like 4-way stretch, quick dry and lightweight fabric help you through intense movements. Either by providing you the mobility you need to strain your muscles properly or by keeping you dry throughout the workout; seam t-shirts give you an extra boost.

    1.       Freedom of movement

    Form is one of the most stressed parts for any exercise. Slight angles can change the muscles being worked or cause a nasty strain. It is also important for you to reach the right intensity in order for the exercise to be effective.

    This is why freedom of movement matters. Seamless technology offers this. The process makes the t-shirts durable and also flexible, not like a rubber band but enough for you to get the movement just right.

    2.       4-Way Stretch

    This is the ability of seamless t-shirts to be able to stretch in all 4 directions. Not only is this helping your mobility, it also adds durability to the t-shirt.

    3.       Lightweight Fabric

    This is another factor that helps during workouts. A light shirt is what you need during workout, not a t-shirt that slows you down. Besides, the heavier the shirt, the more difficult for airflow.

    4.       Breathable Fabric

    Seamless t-shirts are mostly very breathable. There can also be extra mesh panels in the t-shirt increasing the breathability. This factor increases airflow to your body and allows you to cool down faster.

    5.       Dry-Fit

    Some seamless t-shirts also come with Dry-Fit technology or moisture wicking properties. This is something really useful to have during hot days in the gym.

    At a certain level, sweat can get quite irritating during a workout or when you are cooling down. T-shirts with Dry-Fit technology won’t keep you dry-dry but it’s certainly better than merging with the t-shirt because of sweat.  

    6.       Aesthetically Pleasing

    You might be wondering how this is going to boost your workout. While this may not be a functional reason as to why, it may aid you psychologically.

    Seamless t-shirts complement your curves very adeptly. See, it’s not a very tight fit to the point the shirt feels stressed but it’s not loose enough either to cover the details.

    When you see your hard work in front of you, it gives you mental reassurance that the sacrifice is starting to bear fruit. This motivation is enough to keep your fire burning to achieve greater fitness goals.

    SQUAT WOLF Seamless T-Shirts

    Seamless t-shirts are not the easiest things to make. This is mainly due to the equipment and intellectual knowledge needed. Plus, if you want to get fancy, you’re going to need skilled manufacturers.

    Now, SQUAT WOLF does seamless technology fairly well. They have been making seamless t-shirts for quite a while. They launch new seamless clothes as a part of their series quite regularly. It’s safe to say that they know what they are doing.

    The best part about their collection of seamless clothing, is the combination between functionality and style.

    They do have your in-demand gym attire, solid colors with simplistic designs but they also have vivid colors and some out of the box designs.

    Before you check out the products, SQUAT WOLF is proper athleisure. Like, the clothes are designed to excel in the gym but they look sophisticated enough to be for casual use.



    Is The Future Seamless?

    Clothes are a representation of our true self, or how we want to symbolize who we are. There is so much uniqueness in people that customization is key when it comes to clothes.

    With seamless technology, the possibilities grow. Variations like detailing, ribbing and jacquards are entirely possible and feasible.

    The limitations are there, but with time, technology becomes cheaper. There is no doubt that seamless technology will become more prevalent in the clothing industry. Who knows? One day 3D printed clothes might be the hottest trend.

    Stay tuned with SQUAT WOLF because they are growing tremendously in the athleisure industry and are always striving to bring something new to the table.