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    With summer being just around the corner, we bet a lot of you are in for a fitness program to achieve the desired results to possess an ideal physique. The good part is you are staying home all day long these days, so you are more likely to stay committed throughout this entire process, consider this a new hobby for your quarantine.


    While there are a whole lot of ways for you to lose weight, what if we tell you it is possible to drop a few pounds without spending two hours at the gym overworking yourself. Surprised? You wouldn’t be by the time you reach the end of this article as we will share some top secrets to getting a healthy and slim body. 


    Obesity is a rising global concern in men and women of all age groups. Not only does that lead to an unhealthy lifestyle, but it also comes with lower self-esteem, affected mental health, hard-to-adjust sleep routines, and lethargy. Staying fit and healthy does not always necessarily mean you would need to lose weight, but in fact, most individuals tend to practice some of these secrets just to stay active and smart. You will begin to notice and will come across a lot of noticeably positive changes for you and your body that will keep you going throughout the day. The results will get you addicted to adopting a healthy lifestyle. Challenge yourself to lose some weight and get your health right back on track (pun intended) with these simple pieces of advice.




    First things first, unfortunately, it is quite unlikely for you to lose weight with just some exercise, that is, until you dedicate a considerable portion of your time to the gym, indulging yourself in hardcore workouts. It is, however, a very impractical approach, and you are most definitely going to lose interest in this over time. 


    A healthier, sustainable method would be to keep your diet in control, and no, we don’t mean that you need to survive on lettuce for the rest of your life. You are going on a diet, not imitating a goat. But in fact, you can simply switch to a healthy diet, by being mindful of your calorie intake while taking your BMI into context. Count your calories and don’t just guesstimate them, there are several apps out there that will enlighten you with the ideal daily calorie consumption, but remember everybody is different so calories will differ accordingly from person to person. 


    Try using some healthy supplements, which in turn are a whole lot better than the chemical-induced ‘gym protein powders.’ You can consider buying vitamin and biotin supplements such as vitamin K2 that is hugely beneficial to promote bone classification and improve metabolism. You could even order vitamin K2 online, and this would just aid you in your fitness journey overall.




    While a lot of us love having a heavy diet sometimes during dinner, it is recommended that you replace your heavy dinner with a heavy lunch instead. It could possibly be due to the reason for the body being able to digest all that you have eaten throughout the day compared to you sleeping right after you have dinner. If you still wish to consume some carbs, you must eat early and at least 2-3 hours before hitting the bed.


    Remember to stay hydrated at all times and drink at least eight, 8oz glasses of water every day for your body to flush out any kind of toxins it must be retaining. Be sure to eat slowly, as it prevents overeating.

    You must pay attention to what you are consuming, cook your own food so you are aware of the ingredients, and can use healthy substitutes. There are a ton of healthy alternatives out there that you could substitute in your cooking that might not give much of a difference in taste but will help you control your daily calorie count. For example, replacing stevia with sugar, since sugar is the easiest way to gain weight or replacing regular coffee and sugary drinks with black coffee and green tea. By adopting such kinds of healthier habits, you get to cancel out any harmful effects.


    Try the 50-25-25 rule in your daily routine. It amounts to 50% of salad, 25% of lean protein, and the remaining 25% with starchy veggies or carbs. This is a better diet method to adopt rather than going on extreme diets that not only give you temporary results but could also harm your health adversely.




    Keep track of all the calories consumed as well as calories you burn. You must need to understand the balance between the two in order to reach your fitness goals. Exercise is essential for a healthy lifestyle, along with a healthy diet. If you can’t go the gym regularly consider going on a long walk, running some errands around the house that involves a lot of physical activity or even trying some aerobic or cardio exercises at home. Just as long as you are exercising, you are good to go. However, a meal that contains 1000 calories will not be burned by doing 30 minutes of cardio. Educate yourself on the mechanism of calories earned and burned.




    Above all, the main factor you need to keep in mind is to stay consistent throughout. You will not get the desired physique in a month or two alone. It is a healthy lifestyle that you need to adapt to and may take months before you see progress. However, you might notice slight changes in your routine, and maybe even in your weight, again, everyone is different when it comes to attaining results. The key to all of it staying persistent and committed to no matter what fitness routine you adopt.



    Just a few weeks into following a healthy routine, you will begin to notice the positive effect it will have over your state of mind and body. If you are lucky, then you might even see results in your physique, too, within a few days. Nevertheless, staying driven and persistent is what matters the most. Be patient in your results, and your hard work will most definitely come through.