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    Poor sleeping conditions rob you of the much-needed sleep time. You may find yourself waking up to shift sleeping positions. Maybe an uncomfortable tension or odd ache keeps waking you up. It might be your body telling you to switch up your sleeping positions or get a new mattress. What do mattresses have to do with neck cramps? Well, a good mattress is key to a good night’s sleep. They create ideal sleeping conditions tailored to each individual. While everyone has different preferences, the selection process should essentially be the same.

    We made a six-step guide to help you get the mattress to boost your dreams:

    STEP ONE- Determine what is wrong with your current mattress.

    Denial is not a cute color on anyone. If you have to, make a list, do it. It is critical that you analyze what you like and don’t like about your current sleep buddy. This is the only way you will avoid repeating the same mistakes. Be brutally honest about your mattress and your sleep lack. No good will come from overlooking even the slightest flaw. Think about how old your mattress is. 10 years in mattress’ life could be a year in human life or vice versa. If your mattress is over a decade old, it might be time to say goodbye. HOWEVER, some mattresses can still deliver the same quality they did whilst new. Look back at your sleep patterns and sleep quality to guide you in determining your mattresses performance.

    Anything below an A+ should definitely warrant a change. Prioritize the quality of sleep you’re getting. There is no use of having an OK mattress when the option for a great one exists.

    STEP TWO- What type of mattresses are you into

    Because you know yourself best, only you can decide what you like in a mattress. So what’s your flavor? Some people prefer excess softness and comfort while others like a rigid, sturdy mattress. Step two might be the hardest of the seven. Again, analyze your sleep patterns and behavior. Remember that time you slept over at your sisters and getting you out of that bed was a battle? Or when you went to that seminar and could not sleep even a wink? These questions will help you identify important details that will determine what you should look for in a mattress.

    STEP 3 -How much are you willing to spend?

    Being on a budget is nothing to be ashamed of. Budgets are essential for most people to spend reasonably. Like with every other purchase, budget for your mattress. Do not just walk into a store expecting to spend whatever amount. Consider the payoffs of the money you are willing to spend. Is it really worth that much? Is there a cheaper alternative with the same quality? Do I get my moneys worth with this kind and not the other?

    Likewise, do not be too stingy to the point you end up making the same mistakes you made with your previous mattress. Budgeting is a delicate balance between not being frugal and being money smart.

    STEP FOUR- Analyzing those Mattress specs

    After going through the heartbreak of dumping your old mattress, and figuring out what aspects your body responds to in a mattress, you now must determine the specific details before purchase. The two significant specifications to consider are degree of firmness and your sleeping positions. How you sleep will influence how hard or soft your mattress should be. While sleeping on your stomach requires that you are as flat as possible to avoid curving your back awkwardly. This is unlike side sleeping that needs a medium firmness to accommodate your movement and turning. The ideal mattress is able to support your sleeping position without causing harm.

    How do I know my sleeping position? Well having someone watch you while you sleep might be a bit of overkill. Why not monitor your pose when you go to bed, and immediately you wake up. This will give you a general sense of comfortable positions you like to sleep in.

    STEP FIVE -Your body weight.

    Considering your weight is essential in determining what kind of mattress you need. If you are on the heavier side, you may need a mattress that can effectively support you and your sleeping habits. Do not overlook the crucial role your weight plays in influencing this purchase. Your body weight helps to determine how firm or soft your mattress needs to be. While you sleep, an ideal mattress should effectively hold your weight.

    If you suffer from physical and mental conditions whose symptoms can be alleviated by good sleep, choose the mattress tailored to sooth your situation.  

    STEP SIX – What are your options?

    Finally, you’re at the last hurdle. You’ve been through so much on this mattress hunt journey, but you’re not done yet. Knowing your options requires a lot of research. This will help you find the best brand or make that checks all your boxes. You could opt to go the traditional way and window shop for a while, or you could let the internet help you out a little. Don’t know where to start? Put on your favorite adventure playlist, grab yourself a snack and go through the options different stores like Brooklyn bedding mattress  has to offer.

    Finding the perfect mattress is not just about getting the most expensive or fanciest kind. It’s a blend of a bunch of factors to make sure you have what you need for healthy sleep. These steps are not only useful in selecting a sleep buddy but also help reveal a lot of things you probably didn’t know about yourself. So why not take the plunge into self-discovery and get a new mattress while you’re at it.

    Remember, good sleep is dictated by the degree of comfort and support your mattress can provide. If you compromise on either of these, you fundamentally compromise on your quality of sleep.