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Seniors Can Stay Active And Strong With These Exercise Tips

    Aging can take a toll on your body. One effective way to combat the effects of aging is by getting regular exercise. Incorporating physical activity into your everyday routine can help keep your muscles strong, preventing the atrophy that often occurs with age. This, in turn, can help reduce the risk of injury and also allow you to lead a more independent life according to Home Health Care.

    Regardless of whether fitness has always been a part of your life or whether you are new to the concept, the exercise tips for seniors that are listed below can help you stay active and strong.

    A word of warning, however — always check with your doctor before you start exercising. They can help you determine whether the types of exercises that you want to do are a good fit for your current health.

    Exercising while sitting down. A lot of excellent exercises can be performed in a seated position. Most of these exercises are designed to build muscle and to boost mobility. For instance, lifting free weights or using resistance bands to build muscle can be an effective way to get in shape. Most senior centers offer fitness classes that focus on these types of exercises.

    Using video games to exercise. Nintendo Wii, which is one of today’s more advanced gaming consoles, has found a way to make exercise fun through the use of video games. The console comes with a special remote that you hold in your hand. This remote tracks your motion, translating the motion of your body into an image on the screen. This makes it possible to play a wide range of sports virtually from the comfort of your living room. Whether you love golf, tennis, bowling, or dancing, you can find games that allow you to perform the activities that you enjoy without ever leaving home.

    Exercising on low-impact equipment. Many of today’s exercise equipment manufacturers make equipment that is designed for seniors. While you can purchase this equipment outright, you may also be able to find it at a local gym. Contact gyms in your area to see if they have any senior-friendly exercise equipment on hand.

    Create a gym at home. When you fill your home with exercise equipment, you can eliminate the need to go to the gym. Investing in simple equipment such as handheld weights, medicine balls, and resistance bands can allow you to get a great workout at home. The best part is, you can control the amount of resistance that you use during your workout, allowing you to gradually increase your strength. Because this equipment is portable, you can even use it to exercise outside.

    Get moving with workout videos. There are a lot of exercise videos available on the market that are designed for seniors. These videos can be a great way to get up and get active. Because you can perform all of these exercises at home, they are a great option if you have difficulty leaving your house.

    Always talk to your doctor before you begin exercising. Although this is true for people of all ages, it is especially important for seniors. Because your doctor is familiar with your health history, they can help ensure that the exercise routine you are interested in won’t wind up doing more harm than good.