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Seven tips to improve your massages

    When we massage someone, we are able to provide health, wellness and quality of life with our hands in a few minutes says spa 88 who provides top-quality massages in Irvine. Getting a good massage can transform our day. As a professional you can make some recommendations for your clients to enjoy the massage, but who advises you? Below, some simple details can make a big difference in the quality of the massage.

    Tips for better massages

    Remove all metals from the body

    Since massage works both in the physical field and in the field of wellness and energy, it is essential that both the person receiving the massage and the person who is going to give it remove their watches, bracelets and rings.

    In addition to improving your massage, not wearing these items will prevent you from harming the client by any distraction or lack of care during any of the maneuvers.

    Keep an eye on your nails

    For some of our readers of our blog, this advice may seem a bit difficult. However, it is extremely important to be very careful with the length of the nails, because if you get distracted during the massage (we don’t expect that to happen!) the nails can hurt the person receiving the massage. So short, carefully trimmed nails are essential for both women and men masseurs who want to give a good massage.

    Massage in a suitable place

    As we all know, one of the main reasons people demand massages is their power to relax. Therefore, the place where you perform the massage should be quiet and welcoming, free of noise and distractions, both for you and for the person receiving the massage.

    Massage cream or oil?

    This is a very personal issue, because while some like to use massage cream for a better sliding of the hands, others prefer to use vegetable oils with the help of essential oils (usually used to address the work of pathologies).

    What is important is that under no circumstances use body moisturizer, because they usually contain petroleum derivatives and can cause allergy in the person receiving the massage. In addition, this type of cream is easily absorbed by the skin and will not help you to make the slides and passes correctly during the massage.

    Attention to background music

    We all like nice music, don’t we? During massage, music has the power to contribute to relaxation. However, the music for massage should only be instrumental, that is, it should not have singing voices, as this can distract your client or make you mentally distract yourself by humming the song.

    Therefore, choose yoga and relaxation music, as they are very suitable for massage.

    You can ask your client what he prefers. Many people like to listen to songs with sounds of nature during the massage session. The ideal in this case is to know if the person receiving the massage likes that kind of music, because there are people who after 1 minute of listening to the song of a bird or the sound of a waterfall, is irritated and can not relax.

    Watch your hands

    In addition to being careful with the size of the nails, as we have already indicated, it is important to wash your hands before performing the massage, as well as having a sense of hygiene, is a practice of respect for the other person.

    Also, before touching the person receiving the massage, warm up by rubbing them against each other. That way, when you touch your user, you won’t feel any discomfort.

    Focus on your client

    It may seem obvious or silly but this is one of the main tips we can give you to improve your massage!

    When you are giving a massage and paying attention to every detail, especially of the person receiving the massage, we perceive when the pressure is adequate, what part of the body that person likes most that we massage, which feels most uncomfortable, etc…

    When we pay attention to these details, we can adapt and offer an enormously satisfying massage and improve the life and well-being of the people who receive our massages.

    Many of the advices that we have already commented on are known by the professionals of chiromassage and manual therapies. However, it is always good to remember and reflect, because the success and quality of our massages is in the details.