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Several Symptoms of Acid Reflux that You Should Know

    As we know that heartburn and other acid indigestion become one of the most common digestive symptoms out there. There are 60 million American had been experiencing it and at least once in a month. If you experiencing the heartburn, you will likely know how it fell. But, if  you have not experience before, this is can describe as burning sensation which occur on middle chest and usually related with certain food or drink as well. these triggering foods or drinks, such as: coffee alcohol, mint, etc can cause the acid that come from stomach having reverse flow or reflux, back to the esophagus which can lead the chest burning sensation and painful as well. But there are many people do not know that heartburn is only one of symptoms from acid reflux. You need some information about several symptoms that can help you about how to know if you have acid reflux or not. If you read heart burn no more review, you will know the reasons of heart burn and how you can effectively deal with it.

    Here surprising symptoms of acid reflux that you should know

    –       Chest pain

    The chest pain occur because of the stomach acid was splashing into esophagus which become the classic acid reflux symptom. As mentioned above that chest pain also becomes most recognized symptoms. However, the pain also can last longer and more intense than you expected. There are many people who mistake the heartburn with heart attack. You will never ignore the chest pain, especially if getting worse during exercise.

    –       The pain getting worse at rest

    The acid which is supposed to live in your stomach might likely to escape in the esophagus when you lied down or bend over which can lead the heartburn. This is why peoples with the chronic heartburn should raise their head from their bed and why they should not eat the big meals right away before the bed time.

    –       Feeling pain after meal

    The pain which right happen after meal, especially a big meal often mean that your stomach getting overloaded and there is nowhere to go anymore, but it gets up.

    –       Bitter tasting

    Sometime, the acid which escapes from your stomach can make their own way back into your throat the leave the bitter taste inside your mouth. In extreme case, this is can lead chocking as well. If this thing happens, especially in the night, you should call your doctor.

    –       Getting hoarseness

    You may think that you are in early stage of cold when your voice start break down, however, the hoarseness can lead the other heartburn symptoms. If this stomach acid absorbing inside your esophagus, this is can irritate your vocal cord as well. You should pay attention when your voice sounds getting more husky than usual, especially right away after eating.

    So, there are the other symptoms of acid reflux:

    –       Bloating

    –       Bloody or bleeding vomit

    –       Nausea

    –       Burping

    –       Getting weight loss without unknown reason

    –       Hiccups

    –       The dysphagia (feeling like narrowing your esophagus that can lead sensation of food getting stuck inside your throat).

    They say honey is a popular heartburn home remedies.  Read the article here if honey really helps in acid reflux or heartburn or not.