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Shakeology Review

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    Shakeology Review

    “Is it really worth it, buying an overpriced weight loss shake? There are plenty good meal replacement shakes out there. Why do people even buy shakeology?” One of our readers asked us these questions in an email and this shakeology review will answer the following questions regarding the famous shake.

    • What makes shakeology special?
    • What Ingredients does it contain?
    • How much protein can I expect?
    • What about the fiber?
    • Which vitamins does shakeology offer?
    • Can it really replace a meal?
    • Is it vegan, GMO-free and gluten-free?
    • How much sugar does it have?
    • Is there any science behind the meal replacement shake?
    • Does it taste good?
    • But isn’t the shake really expensive?
    • Does it work?

    What makes shakeology special?

    There is a unstoppable social media trend regarding shakeology. Alone on Instagram you can find more than 2 million posts including the shakeology hashtag. More and more people, especially celebrities turn to shakeology. Just think about it. You probably wouldn’t read this review, if you didn’t know someone who told you about shakeology.


    But before we take a closer look on the meal replacement shake, let’s take a broad look on the weight loss shake and the company who produces it.

    Shakeology was invented by the BeachBody LLC, a company which is since more than 15 years in business. They claim to have a weight loss shake which increases your energy, helps your digestion, boosts your mood, reduces hunger and burns fat.

    And on top of that, it’s said to taste great. Well, we will see for ourselves. Now we will show you which ingredients shakeology contains and if they really hold their promises. The answer will surprise you…

    What Ingredients does it contain?

    There are dozen of ingredients in shakeology, but we listed the most important one for you. First of all, we have about 140 calories in one scoop, not bad. If you compare it with other weight loss shakes you will realize that every reputable meal replacement shake contains less than 200 calories.

    One serving contains 1g fat, so shakeology provides you with only 2% of your daily fat value. In our 18 shake review we discovered that one scoop of 18 shake contains twice as much.

    As important as calories and fat is we shouldn’t underestimate the power of protein. So let’s take a look on what kind of proteins the shake offers and how much we can expect.

    How much protein can I expect?

    One serving of shakeology provides you with 17g protein, which are about 35% of your daily value. That’s more protein than we found in our 310 shake review. Another point for shakeology.

    Furthermore shakeology differs from most other meal replacement shakes, because it uses pea protein. A perfect alternative for vegans.

    You may ask yourself: “Fair enough, but why is protein so important?”. Easy to answer: There are plenty of studies proving that protein helps to curb hunger and to lose weight.

    In addition to that, shakeology contains whey protein. A protein with 9 amino acids, that are essential for your body and well-being.

    If you are interested in how these 9 amino acids improve your health view our shakeology ingredients article. The shakeology ingredients article covers every single ingredient and explains their benefits to your body. Whereas these shakeology review only covers the more important ones, because there are nearly 100 ingredients in shakeology.

    But enough about proteins, let’s come to our next topic: The fiber.

    What about the fiber?

    One of the few facts that disappointed us. One serving of shakeology only contains around 4g dietary fiber. That’s pretty low, if you compare it with 18 shake, which provides 15g of fiber.

    But does that mean, that shakeology is not as good as BeachBody and many other users claim? You’ll have to read on to discover it…

    Which vitamins does shakeology offer?

    The weight loss shake offers a various amount of vitamins. Here is a list with the most prominent:

    Vitamin A: Essential for healthy eyes. Can prevent night blindness and dry eyes. If you sit the whole day in front of a computer you should have plenty of vitamin A in your organism, because everyone who does knows how exhausting it can be for your eyes.

    Vitamin C: The number one vitamin to boost your immune system. Helps to prevent cancer, strokes and lowering hypertension.

    Vitamin D: Vitamin D promotes bone strength. A lack of vitamin D can literally lead to soft bones.

    Vitamin E: A powerful antioxidant, which helps to prevent heart diseases, fight inflammation and helps to slow the natural cell aging.

    Vitamin K: There are serious indications, that vitamin K helps to prevent cancer, diabetes and even alzheimer’s.

    Vitamin B1: Necessary to metabolize food into energy. Also helps the cardiovascular functions and nerve system.

    Vitamin B2: Important for a healthy liver. B vitamins fight so called radicals, which are suspected to cause DNA changes, cancer, heart diseases and various other health conditions.

    Vitamin B3: Helps to lower bad cholesterol and keep it balanced.

    Vitamin B6: Has a positive influence on hormone control, which is crucial for emotional health and stress relieve. But also supports metabolism, skin and kidneys.

    Magnesium: A lack leads to muscle aches, poor digestion, mood swings, trouble falling asleep and many other symptoms.

    Manganese: The benefits range from healthy bones to assisting metabolism. It even has a influence on our sex hormones, probably the reason BeachBody claims that shakeology boosts the libido.

    Copper: Extremely important for healthy blood. The blood cells need it for healing wounds and producing red blood cells, which are co-responsible for feeling energised and vital.

    Folic acid: Promotes cell production and helps against neural diseases like alzheimer’s or even depression.

    Molybdenum: Breaks down amino acids, which are important for various things, like weight loss, improving strength, stronger nails and hair.

    Chromium:  Regulates blood sugar by supporting the insulin to transport glucose into the cells. This makes it to a great diabetes prevention nutrient.

    Vitamin B12: Keeps nerve cells healthy, thereby it supports your memory, increases mood, and prevents heart diseases.

    Biotin: This nutrient focuses on healthy skin, hair and nails, but like other B vitamins it is necessary for a healthy cardiovascular function, which leads to a healthy heart and a proper digestion.

    Well, that should be enough about the nutrients in shakeology. If you are interested in all ingredients read our shakeology ingredients article.

    Now we will look at a question which everyone asks about a meal replacement shake:

    Can it really replace a meal?

    This highly depends on different factors. Do you work in an office or as a tourist guide, who walks a quarter marathon per day? How much do you weight? How much do you eat regularly per portion? And some other factors, but on average you will experience the following scenario:

    The first 2-3 days you will feel hungry, but this is normal with every meal replacement shake, because you turned your food into liquid and the body needs time to adapt.

    After these adaptation days, you will feel saturated for about 3-4 hours per serving. So if you take your first serving as breakfast and 4 hours later your second as lunch, you will make it through the day without hunger feelings.

    But see the mostly positive amazon reviews for yourself.

    shakeology review

    Is it vegan, GMO-free and gluten-free?

    BeachBody claims that shakeology is GMO- and gluten free, but that it is not certificated. Well, without a certification we can’t be sure, but at least it offers a vegan version.

    How much sugar does it have?

    Apparently one scoop of shakeology contains about 9g of sugar and 135mg of stevia. This surprised us, because other weight loss shakes like 310 shake only contain 1g of sugar per serving.

    Is the shakeology shake really as good as million of customers claim? Read on and find the answer!

    Is there any science behind the meal replacement shake?

    There is a study on their website, which says that weight loss with shakeology is proven by the “gold standard glycemic control indicator”, short HbA1c. A widely accepted clinical term. Loosely speaking, it indicates the average blood glucose concentration over some months. A high blood glucose concentration correlates with obesity and diabetes.

    Even if the study regarding shakeology is only explained broadly, the HbA1c standard is so reputable that even government pages like NCBI feature it on their website.

    If you aren’t interested in reading a complicated science paper full of technical terms, we recommend you to take a look at the amazon reviews and see for yourself what people experienced with shakeology.

    shakeology review

    Now let’s come to another vital factor when you choose a meal replacement shake.

    Does it taste good?

    Taste is for many customers as important as the health aspects a weight loss shake covers. Shakeology doesn’t make a secret out of their taste, because it’s really good! There are five flavors and of course vegan ones. But in our opinion the chocolate flavor is by far the best.

    The shake has is thick as a meal replacement shake should be. For the simple reason that you feel quite more saturated than if it were as fluid as a drink.

    And the best: The flavor isn’t cheated. It has only 10g fat per serving and no artificial sweeteners. BeachBody invented their meal replacement shake especially to curb hunger for hours and provide the body with more nutrients than most other shakes on the market.

    But isn’t the shake really expensive?

    For many people one of the biggest cons regarding shakeology is the price. One serving costs about $4. Compared with other weight loss shakes like 18 shake, where one portion costs about $2,80, it seems like a luxury product.

    But on the other hand, if you compare it with regular food you will see why shakeology isn’t as expensive as some people say and why so many people still buy it.

    shakeology review compare meals

    Furthermore you shouldn’t forget that shakeology beats all the other meals regarding calories, fat and nutrients. It even tastes good. In addition to that, BeachBody offers a 30 days money back guarantee.

    Are you not satisfied with shakeology or do you have the feeling it didn’t hold its promises? No problem, you get your money back.

    Click on the button and get your first package. With the money back guarantee you have nothing to lose!

    shakeology buy

    You may think now: “That’s well and good, but why should I buy a product if I am not sure if it work?” So let’s come to our last and most important question:

    Does it work?

    There is a simple reason why everybody is talking about shakeology: Because it works! Alone on Instagram you will find thousand of before/after pictures with shakeology as the main force for weight loss.

    People are so amazed with the results that they share their progress with people around the world. Like these two did:

    shakeology before after

    shakeology before after

    Are you still sceptical? Then check these amazon reviews and see for yourself!

    shakeology review

    Have you already made your experiences with shakeology? Tell us how it went! Write it in the comments and share your progress with our community!