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Should lack of sleep be taken lightly?

    A disturbed sleep can cause many issues, this is the reason it is important to have an uninterrupted and good night’s sleep. And if you have a disturbed sleep or a lack of sleep, you must visit an Ardsley Wellness and Surgery clinic to get your sleep cycle fixed and avoid the issues that arise from lack of it.

    It is important that you sleep for at least 7 to 9 hours in a day and deprivation of it leads to many long term effects some of which can be real health risks.

    Effects of sleep deprivation

    • Memory issues: Getting a proper rest is very important and while you sleep your brain gets to the task of forming connections that helps you in processing and remembering information, thus failing to get proper sleep has a negative impact on a person’s memory.
    • Concentration issues: Your abilities like creativity, problem solving, and concentrating are compromised if you don’t get enough sleep.
    • Mood issues: When a person doesn’t get a good sleep, they can become cranky and also have behavioral issues like losing their temper quickly.
    • Weak immunity: Having a strong immunity system is key to living a healthy life however, when sleep is compromised, it weakens the immunity.
    • Diabetes risk: Sleep deprivation has an effect on insulin levels of the body and it increases your chances of getting diabetes because insulin is responsible for controlling the blood sugar levels.
    • High blood pressure: If a person fails to get enough sleep they face the risk of having high blood pressures.
    • Weight gain: If you wish to lose weight, everybody tells you that it is important to have a good night’s sleep. It is because a sleep deprived body sends a signal to the brain that something is off balance and it can lead you to overindulge in eating.
    • Balancing issues: When you don’t get a proper sleep, it can impact your balance and overall coordination adversely which can also make you susceptible to falls and other accidents.
    • Heart problems: Lack of sleep also increases your chances of getting a heart disease.
    • Loss of sex drive: When the person gets to sleep less, it is also seen that that their appetite for sex reduces which might even have adverse effect on their relationships.

    The above-mentioned issues that come with sleep deprivation are the reasons why it should not be taken lightly and you must try to fix your sleep cycle.